Treats on the Internets

Case Update: The now former Gwinnett Co ACO whom witnesses say brutally beat a friendly dog with a chokepole last summer will be charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.  (Thank you Clarice and Susan for the link.)

Case Update:  The former director of the Lawrence Co Animal Shelter in AL, where hundreds of animals were found suffering in horrible conditions, will be charged with 16 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to an animal and 1 misdemeanor count of animal abuse.  (Thanks Brie.)

Case Update:  Chance, the dog who was impounded in Wilson Co, NC and whose owners were given the runaround when they attempted to redeem him, is dead.  The Wilson Co sheriff returned Chance’s body to his family for burial and issued a statement praising his facility, claiming it is used by the state to show other counties “the way an animal shelter should be operated”.  (Thanks Clarice.)

A dog owner is suing the city of Detroit alleging that after her pet was seized in connection with a bite incident and kept for more than a week at the pound, he came home with a collapsed trachea and pneumonia.  The pet subsequently died.  Note:  This is a different case than the one I reported on earlier this week. (Thanks Clarice.)

Two media whores are once again in the news over allegations that Sea World sent an undercover staff member to PETA meetings to try to incite illegal activity.  It’s impossible to tell who’s lying when all you’ve got to choose from is lying liars, but here’s hoping the tangled web keeps the two twits occupied for a little while, for the animals’ sake.

An 18 year old Austin man was found dead in his vehicle with snake bites on his wrist.  The man’s family owns an exotic pet store and a pet cobra is suspected in the man’s death.  A dead cobra was found in the same parking lot as the man’s vehicle.

The Brookfield Zoo near Chicago had a tank housing 4 southern stingrays and 50 cow-nose rays, all born in captivity, whom the public could pet and feed.  An oxygen pump failed in the tank last week, killing all the animals.

And this one, because: Naked drunk guy found in barn cavorting with hogs. Again. “I just like pigs,” he tells cops.


3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Glad that there’s some kind of charges against these jerks.

    The Sheriff acts like he’s doing Chance’s family some big, generous favor. Clearly he has never loved anyone or anything because he seems to have zero empathy for the family.

    Detroit animal control sounds like it’s run by dangerously insane people.

    I’m not sure what PeTA is trying to accomplish with this “revelation”. Nobody cares and nobody believes either one of them. If they wanted sympathy, I’m going to have to declare it a swing and a miss.

    Please do not play with deadly snakes. 18 is a an age where we all did dumb things. Don’t do dumb things with venomous reptiles.

    All those rays dying – terrible. Hopefully, someone will learn from it and put alarms and back up systems in place. Shocking that there weren’t any already. My freezer has an alarm for when the temperature gets too high and it’s not exactly cutting edge technology.

    The pig guy. No comment.


    1. I read more than one article on the stingrays and do remember reading that there was an alarm system in place and that the staff had taken corrective measures within 20 minutes but they all died anyway. IIRC, they weren’t all killed at once but died over a period of hours. Very sad.


      1. It is sad. And I’m sure it was hard on the rays’ keepers. But it doesn’t sound like the current alarm system is sufficient (perhaps rays are very sensitive?) Hopefully, better measures will be put in place before they try again.



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