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  1. After having 100% success with Frontline for years, it’s now failing to control fleas for my dogs. Big time. I have read similar complaints from others over the years so I guess it’s just my turn. Anyway, I am open to suggestions if anyone has a good anti-flea medication that’s been working for them.

    1. I don’t have much of a recommendation, and I definitely look forward to what others have to say. We’re down to Advantage II, which is working – but only for about two weeks at a time.

    2. I’ve always used Revolution and never had a flea problem, but I’m quite a bit north of you and folks closer to you have told me that Revolution doesn’t work as well on fleas in the area.

      There’s a new-ish flea and tick collar available from veterinarians, called Seresto, that I’ve had family members tell me works very well. Its NOT CHEAP, but it lasts for 8 months. The one time I tried it on my smaller dog (who’s very sensitive to drugs etc), he didn’t have a reaction and it seemed to work well on him. The downside of course is that the collar has to be on the dog all the time and not everyone is ok with that.

    3. I use Revolution on the cats – seems to work very well, but I’m also in the north and I’ve heard the fleas down south are getting mighty obstreperous these days…

    4. I use Comfortis, and it seems to work well. I’m not completely comfortable giving a pill that’s poison to fleas, but we haven’t had any problems, and, well…fleas.

  2. In pet food news, Nestle/Purina just announced they bought Merrick and all of their holdings. Although “it will continue to operate as an independent business, with no planned changes to its management or operations”. Because, Purina is great at being upfront and honest about its operations and food quality.

    For those of us who don’t have time to cook proper food for their pets and only have Petsmart and Petco to buy food from (aside from “normal” grocery stores) is there ANY safe food left to give our pets?!

    1. I saw an article recently that said Petsmart is going to start carrying Natural Balance foods. As I recall, that company has always been pretty forthcoming with information on food safety. Maybe worth checking into its current practices?

      1. Just an f.y.i., Natural Balance was bought by Del Monte which has since become Big Heart Pet Brands. There are several dog food review sites that may help you decide on a food. I usually order my dog food on line from 2 different companies that offer free shipping at $49.

      2. Thanks for the current info. I honestly can’t keep track. Seems like Big Food owns ALL THE FOODS – human, animal, and we can’t tell you bc it’s proprietary information.

  3. A young woman called in to CNN a little while ago and said she was at a bistro in Lafayette last week w/her dog and a friend when the man she now knows to be the movie theater shooter came up and began talking to them. She said he talked quite a bit about animal “euthanasia”, how you shouldn’t have to pay a vet for it, you should be given a pill to give to your pet and then “finish them off with an ax”. She said he also talked about a cat he had who got sick and he tried to “euthanize” him by hitting him with a piece of rebar. The woman said she was horrified and creeped out. She considers pets to be family.

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