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    1. I find it hard to believe that, with money to be made, more animals will not be killed. Guess there’s a market for dead cats already, from what I read. This makes me sick to my stomach.

  1. Family dog bites police officer who then calms the dog down:

    “Officer Frederick was treated for his injuries, but didn’t lose any time from work. Jillaroo is now under mandatory quarantine at home and has had all of her required vaccinations. Her owner says he plans to work more closely with his dog to work on her behavior; Jillaroo had never bitten anyone in the past.”

  2. You may remember the Elgin, OK animal shelter from earlier this year when the ACO euthanized an owned dog (with exhaust from his truck) and then lied repeatedly about it. The shelter has made some improvements since then, such as replacing fencing and painting (which they are VERY proud of) and finally allowing volunteers to post pictures of impounded animals. Now, on the same day that same ACO goes on vacation, a dog has been stolen from the pound. At best, the security at the pound (I’ve been told they use a carabiner instead of a lock) needs improvement. At worst, there is something fishy going on :(


  3. I just got an email from the KC Pet Project to promote their adoption event this weekend – dogs over 40 pounds and adult cats are free. Awesome. I clicked to look at their adoptable pet listings and saw a number of great pix.
    From the thumb, it looked like this dog was wearing a hat. He isn’t, but a hat might look good on him too:
    I really like this dog getting a scratch:
    This cat’s markings are so beautiful and the expression is super:

  4. The website says the Anatolian Shepherd mix is no longer available, so it looks like he’s been adopted!

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