Caddo Parish Pound Director Posts Repulsive Image on Social Media

The alleged nice guy in charge of the Caddo pound in LA is in the news again.  This time, he uploaded an anti-Semitic/anti-dog image to the pound’s Facebook page, captioned it, then started taking massive heat for it about 4 seconds later.  Who knew that drawing Stars of David on pictures of shelter dogs’ faces like they were concentration camp prisoners and putting the SS logo above them would be received so poorly?  Holocaust jokes are usually just fall-down-funny and the mass killing of shelter pets is another knee slapper so pairing the two seems like a very good idea.  But the public outcry failed to reflect the awesomeness of the stunt.

Pound director Everett Harris deleted the post amidst all the outrage and ended up posting a non-apology on the page, claiming that uploading the photo was an oops (and presumably typing in the caption, “How to deal with the difficulties of life”, was too) while he was uploading photos of adoptable dogs. But that explanation apparently wasn’t the first draft:

While Harris’ official apology and [Caddo Parish administrator Woodrow] Wilson’s statement claim that the posting of the photo was in error, Caddo Commissioner Matthew Linn says that was not the explanation he was given when he called Wilson while the post was still up, concerned that the page had been hacked.

“I found out through talking to Dr. Woodrow Wilson, that Everett had put it up there and Everett was proud that he put it up there. He wanted to share with the citizens of Caddo what someone had sent him and did it without the second thought.”

Linn characterized the whole oops explanation as “a bold face lie.”

But the director was proud.  I guess if you can’t be proud of what you do to animals at your job, you can look to concentration camp/dead dog jokes as a source of pride. Harris added:

“I have to endure what some would call a hostile work environment from a group of people with a dated mindset. I have been called a liar, a dictator, profanity laced, scumbag, rude, and racial comments that no human should say because of a select few who want to influence, control and make decisions for this department.”

In that initial explanation, Harris went on to say, “The picture that you see is one of many that I received since becoming the Director of ASMC because some take hatred too far.”

You guys – he’s the victim here. Have a little sensitivity.

That caption though.  Makes both the oops and the victim claims a hard sell.  He photographed the image, uploaded it to Facebook, then typed in the caption.  It seems like Wilson, the only person who can fire Harris, is the only one buying what he’s selling.  Except for commissioner Lyndon B. Johnson.  He knows Harris is innocent because God:

“I pretty much believe that’s probably what happened because he just preached his first sermon last Sunday or the Sunday before,” he said. “So somebody who has been called, I don’t think they would do anything like that.”

Right.  I know I’ve never heard of any sort of wrongdoing associated with someone involved in a church.  It’s like, impossible.

Good for animal advocates for screencapping the postings and raising hell.  Keep going.

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6 thoughts on “Caddo Parish Pound Director Posts Repulsive Image on Social Media

  1. No, that’s not all I took away from that story. It just caught me by surprise. Obviously, Harris needs to find another job far away from animals.

  2. Aw, I feel so sorry for him – people with their dated mindsets thinking that animals in shelters shouldn’t be killed with glee. Gosh, what “date” is their mindset from, anyway? Oh, right, TODAY.

    Just let him have his fun slaughtering pets, won’t you? Meanies.

    Oh – and the whole “he’s a church-going man”, yeah. As I recall, one of the assholes, I mean, convicted criminals, I mean, animal handling professionals from MAS was a deacon in his church, too. So…God.

    1. This story says Harris’ title is “director of animal services and mosquito control.” That’s a new one . . . and not the best combination I could think of.

  3. Maybe his brain has been messed up because of inhaling pesticides… yeah, let’s see him pull that excuse out of his ass. And, I swear to God *snark* it’s SO OFTEN that those who claim their ‘godliness’ the most are the worst offenders against others. Whenever I meet someone who uses their ‘connection’ to whatever religion in their introduction, I just can’t wait to get as far away from them as possible.

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