10 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

    1. We are using the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. Although we’re about down to putting the kitchen sink out there, just in case. Hate to leave any stone unturned.


    1. I’ve got that link saved but thank you. We don’t have the posts to mount the things on the few areas we have chain link bc we are just using stand alone panels harvested from kennels. Mostly we don’t have chain link though. I think basically we need a concrete fortress built around the property along with a moat. With alligators. If I ever win the lottery and you see me on TV being asked by the local news what I’m going to spend the money on, don’t be surprised when it’s that.


      1. With the loose fencing on the top (in the picture) it’d make the coyote rollers hard to do yup. But you can drill the pipe at the top of the kennel panels to mount the home-made rollers onto if need be.


      2. Yeah we went with the “leaners” on top since that can be attached to all our fencing, not just the few panels of chain link we have. I’m timing her on how long it takes her to either defeat those or come up with an alternate escape route.


  1. Oh my gosh — can I ever relate! I have built more fortresses over the years! Jade is just so pretty and curious — she “thinks” the grass is greener on the other side! LOL



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