Shelter Pet of the Day – Memphis, TN

Dog ID #281205 at the Memphis pound.
Dog ID #281205 at the Memphis pound.

Based on the number of animals the Memphis pound currently has listed on PetHarbor, there appear to be more than 350 empty cages at the facility today.

Screengrab from PetHarbor showing 192 animals listed by the Memphis pound on September 15, 2015.
Screengrab from PetHarbor showing 192 animals listed by the Memphis pound on September 15, 2015.

But dog ID #281205 can’t be allowed to live in one of those empty cages because he is “past his review date”.  And no one has applied to adopt him because he is being kept in a cage behind locked doors at the Memphis pound.  The public is barred from seeing him because, as one supervisor told rescuer Jody Fisher, “This is not a dog that should be in the adoption area – we would catch flack for having him out on the floor in his condition.”  He is not listed on PetHarbor either.  As usual, MAS is concerned about appearances, not lifesaving.

This fellow is old, he is HW+, he’s thin and it looks like he’s got a hematoma on his ear, possibly from an infection.  Maybe he’s not the most dashing dog in the place but I think he’s handsome and would look very nice with a lipstick kiss on top of his head.

If anyone wants to meet him, they’ll have to find a pound staffer willing to help.  And because MAS chooses to arbitrarily discriminate against certain dogs based on body shape, any potential adopter will have to jump through special hoops in order to save this dog.  But who doesn’t love a challenge?  The pound is open from 1pm to 7pm today.  Anyone interested in saving this dog must do so before 6:45pm.

Memphis city pound
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
(901) 636-PAWS (7297)

Let us know if you need help.

20 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day – Memphis, TN

  1. I am told he is still alive. Anyone wanting to meet this handsome old guy, needs to tell one of the shelter workers that he is in STRAY area, so they can “escort” them back to the hidden area (away from public viewing) to meet him. NO ONE will ever offer to show you any of the dogs in STRAY area…..Thank you Shirley for posting him! And if you try calling there, you will probably be left on hold for 20+ minutes, because they are so busy (NOT)….

  2. Does MAS even have a foster program? I mean ideally a dog in this condition shouldn’t be in the adoption area of a shelter, or in a shelter at all – he should be in a foster home until his condition improves and then put up for adoption.

  3. Can Memphis Pets Alive help? Different day, SOS at Memphis Animal Slaughterhouse. Poor old guy would probably love a retirement home . . . but he doesn’t look good enough to put on the adoption floor? WTH?

  4. Two Tone left MAS today…. Thank goodness!!! I am trying to get more information and will share it as soon as I know more. The lady pulling him had to wait over an hour to finalize the paperwork- get rabies shot, etc…. It was too late to take him to her vet, as they were closed- she said he is in bad shape. She is taking him as soon as vet’s office opens in the morning. It’s nit life threatening- but just unhealthy. Thank you all for sharing and caring. MAS sucks!

  5. My sister Kori went and got the dog. She said she was at the shelter for 3 hrs. She took him to vet yesterday and he has more medical issues. He is deaf, going blind, problem with a front leg, his ear needs surgery because infected and, has UTI. She said seems he was an outside dog and he was never around other dogs or cats. Last night he was at a temp foster with dogs and last I was told was doing fine and sleeping on a posture pedic bed. Poor old pup is a mess.

  6. Sheila, will you please get the address and phone# where we can send donations to help pay the vet bill. I was told it was approx. $200 that Kori paid out of pocket. Kori is an angel for picking Two Tone up and giving him his Freedomn Ride!

  7. Sheila – me too what Jody said. I will send a donation but need an address to mail a check if that’s okay. Thank you Freedom Riders.

  8. So very thoughtful of ya”ll to donate. I know Down South is involved but don’t know vet info. If its ok I”ll e-mail this page to Kori & let her handle so there won’t be any confusion or misunderstandings. Thank you & your welcome.

  9. Hi. I’m Kori. I pulled Two Tone for Down South Rescue. I took him to Snowden Grove Animal Hospital
    5165 Getwell Rd, Southaven, MS 38671
    1-662-536-1916. “Two Tone” is under my account Kori Thiele. I’m still waiting to talk to his rescue Down South. He needs his permanent foster as well as much needed surgery on his ear (hematoma) Because of his age he will not go through fast kill heartworm treatment. His bloodwork was normal. He has a UTI and worms. Both of his ears are infected and he’s underweight. Old boy started his antibiotics last night as well as pain medicine. They gave him a shot for his worms. I gave him his first HW pill too. He enjoyed his car rides (I had to pick him up) He walks like he has Hip dysplasia. He loves walking in the yard sniffing everything! His foster mom said he’s doing great with all of her doggies and he’s eating really well. All of the love and comfort he’s now receiving I guarantee he’s never had it before. Thanks everyone for caring and wanting to help. With him being a senior, I don’t know how long he has left. But his real life just started. He now knows love. I was happy when we walked out of that place and he gave me kisses. Thank you!!!! I’ll keep everyone updated as I find out more.

  10. Kori:

    Check is going out today – (sorry been out with cold or would have sent)

    Will be sending to:

    Account – Kori Thiele for “Two Tone” new name Riley
    Snowden Grove Animal Hospital
    5165 Getwell Rd.
    Southaven, MS 38671

    Thank you for saving Riley.

  11. Thank you so much Mary! I’ll let you know when the vet receives it. He’s going to his real foster tonight. He’s put on a few pounds. He’s extremely happy!! Loves other doggies and car rides. Because his blood work was normal (except HW+) He will be having surgery on the Hematoma as well as Neutered. They’re going to do a few Xrays on his hips/spine while he’s sedated as well. Please keep old boy in your thoughts.

  12. Kori thank you for the update – the wonderful update. Keep me/us posted. Of course the dear old boy (and you and all who have helped and do help) are in my thoughts. My grateful thoughts.

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