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Volunteers with the HS of Marion Co in Florida left a dog named Rollin in a hot transport van for hours, causing his death.  The director told the local news it was an accident as the driver thought there was only one dog in the van (when in fact there were two) so believed it was ok to park the vehicle after one dog had been removed.  The director says protocol changes will be implemented as a result of the death, one of which may be requiring volunteers to look in all the van’s cages to confirm they aren’t leaving any dogs.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

On September 18 in Washington D.C., the Committee on Transportation and the Environment will hold a public roundtable regarding a proposal to round up and kill community cats along with other animals deemed “non-native”.  The No Kill Advocacy Center has written a letter in opposition to the proposal.  Comments may be submitted by emailing Ms. Aukima Benjamin, staff assistant to the committee.  (Thanks Nathan.)

An ACO in NC helped a lost, blind, deaf senior poodle get home to her NC owner after the dog was picked up on the street in MA.  (Thanks Kate.)

Positive reinforcement training fans now have an NFL team to root for:  The Seattle Seahawks.  (Thanks Karen.)

Some dumbass who lives a mile from an elementary school near Orlando, FL is keeping poisonous snakes in his garage inside homemade cages that fall apart when they get wet.  A king cobra, whose cage got wet when water leaked onto it, escaped.  The dumbass was given a warning for using improper materials on the cage and fined $366 for failing to report the deadly snake missing immediately.  Police have set box traps in the area in hopes of capturing the cobra but he’s been loose 2 weeks already.

The city of Houston says, “Bring your kids and guns to the zoo!”  An excellent plan with no possible downside.

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5 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. My favorite line from that article – “”You just never know these days. I’d feel safer going somewhere where it’s restricted but what can you do,” said Felica Manuel, a zoo patron.”
    Huh. Well, let’s see. First you could stop going to zoos since they’re antiquated hellholes for animals. Second, don’t patronize establishments that allow guns! I understand it’s Texas where holding a gun is tantamount to holding…oh, never mind…but there are plenty of places where guns are banned/not allowed. Or move. There you go. Several things you can do.

  2. Here’s a warning you never expected to have to give: “Hey, anyone who is illegally keeping deadly snakes, be sure the cages are secure”.

  3. The cobra guy… how in the… why… I keep two small non-venomous sand boas (under 2 feet) in locked cages with heavy books on top just in case. And that’s just because because I know what the cat would do to them if they got out. How do you keep venomous snakes and not use sturdy cages? Do you just enjoy unnecessary risks to yourself and tiny children?!

  4. Hooray for 3 positive treats! And high 5s to those very caring ACOs for helping get the poodle back home; my friend, who turned to buying a breeder puppy, was turned down by 3 rescues because she doesn’t have a fenced in back yard. Obviously, a fenced in back yard is not a safety haven for a wanted dog; I, too, once had a dog stolen out of my front yard – finally got him home – physically OK but mentally off for several days. Have seen Purin several times but didn’t know he was in the Guinness World Record book. Please, please, other teams adapt the Seahawks coaching strategy – I may need to change my alliance from Minnesota to Seattle!

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