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    1. As a bonus, some of the best photos of Billie Holiday & Mister were shot by Carl Van Vechten, who also wrote The Tiger in the House: A Cultural History of the Cat in 1922.

  1. If this is allowed – I’m not on facebook but read Nathan j. Winograd’s facebook wall today regarding the Pocatello Animal Shelter and their high kill rate. Also the Idaho Humane Society had some involvement in the culling of cats. (a veterinarian with the Idaho Humane Society – Jeff Rosenthal of Boise Idaho – the culling director)

    Could the lack of interest in adopting the No Kill equation for No Kill Sheltering be stalled by some animal control facilities diverted attention in sending and/or supplying animals for research and/or use for surgical practice by students (then the animals are killed) –

    Washington State University Veterinary School of Medicine (WSU-VSM) sent on 6/7/14 a list of “sources” where they obtain dogs and cats. The list is as follows:

    Tri-City Animal Control dba A2Z Animal Sheltering (Tri-Cities Animal Control – Pasco, Washington)
    Humane Society Eastern Oregon/Pet Rescue
    Grant County animal Outreach
    Blue Mountain Humane Society
    Moses Lake
    Walla Walla
    Post Falls
    Spokanimal C.A.R.E.
    Tekow (sp?)
    The Idaho Humane Society
    Humane Society for Seattle.King County

    WSU – VSM also sent out on 2/28/14 a number of animals that had been admitted to their facility from 6/05 to 12/13:

    55,251 dogs and 14,145 cats

    WSU – VSM Dean Slinker was seen on PBS on a local program On Campus – he stated the vet school would rather not use “shelter” animals –

    Is WSU – VSM use of “shelter” animals preventing the establishment of No Kill Shelters in the above listed “source” providers? In other words, do the above list of “sources” cater to WSU – VSM interests rather than No Kill sheltering goals?

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