13 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. Adorable.

    So, now that you’re an experienced Pittie owner and Beagle owner, what do you think of the Beagle/Pit crosses that some folks intentionally make?

    1. Shirley, your answer is awesome and made me laugh while I was eating a donut!

      I didn’t make mine, but got her from a previous client. She is beautiful, yet afraid of every vacuum cleaner on the planet, as well as ceiling fans. But she’s brave enough to walk right over manhole covers and sewer grates that other dogs won’t even get close to. She is wonderful with other dogs and people, but sadly, not good with kitties. She snores a little, but we don’t mention that to her!

  2. I think this is my favorite so far . . . just amazing what you have done for her. She is a happy, healthy much loved dog and it shows in her eyes. Thank you!

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