Sun came out today, water in the yard has been absorbed, several trees down – mostly small, except for this one:

The kennels today (at least I assume they are under this monstrous tree).

Kennels today (at least I assume they are under this monstrous tree).

For comparison purposes:

Wendy in 2013. Empty kennel runs in the background.

Wendy in 2013. Empty kennel runs in the background.

We are very fortunate to have come through relatively unscathed.  Lives have been tragically lost and homes, businesses and infrastructure throughout the state have been seriously damaged. But as usual, the irresponsible public steps up to help.  Love those guys.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts.  I have not heard of any organization specifically helping pets displaced by the floods but they have repeatedly said on the news that the shelters (for humans) take pets.  Anyone wishing to make a donation to aid flood victims in SC can visit the SC Emergency Management Division website.

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  1. Jackie Phillips

     /  October 6, 2015

    I have heard that HSUS is in North Carolina helping shelter there.

  2. I feel bad that anyone lost their lives….some due to rescues not being able to get to them….breaks my heart! I pray there are people who have not forgotten our furry friends! Many humans could care less! Praying what you heard, Jackie, is true! This flooding tragedy has happened in many states…some as in S. Carolina, have been worse than others! So, sad! I saw them rescue the young woman with her 15 month old baby, who, surely wouldn’t have made it if they hadn’t gotten there when they did! I have tears in my eyes typing this! I dearly love little kids! I am praying that this doesn’t ever happen, again!

    • Jackie Phillips

       /  October 6, 2015

      I am corrected. Their story said they were in South Carolina. I got the email today.

  3. Sweet photo of Wendy! Beagles make the best pets, especially, for families with kids!

  4. Wow. Big tree. Glad the sun finally came out for you guys.

  5. Karen F

     /  October 7, 2015

    Really glad you’re more or less okay, and hope the tree removal is as manageable as possible. Such a sweet expression on Wendy.

  6. Tree removal major but minor, so glad that is all you have to deal with. Soak up the sunshine.

  7. mary frances

     /  October 7, 2015

    Sure have been thinking of you – and all in your area – including animals. And on the news it is inspiring to see the folks who are rallying to help one another.



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