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    1. I wish you luck getting rid of this person. And I also wish that we could lose the “euthanasia” word when what they are doing is purely killing. Hoping the citizens of this area are informed and concerned and will do what they need to do to send this person on her way . . . to a job not working with animals in any capacity. Bet she likes to kill!

    2. Kathy, I’m appalled and I signed the petition. But I took note of what one of the other signers said:

      “If a non-profit has one person serving as Executive Director, a member of the Board of Directors, AND a major donor, there should be many red flags going up about the probability for misconduct. If this situation has existed for a long time, then the problem is about more than just that one, overly powerful woman; there is something very wrong with the management from the top down. I have heard far too many stories over the past few years about SCHS to think there isn’t something very wrong happening there that involves BOTH the BOD and that specific ED/BOD member/major donor. Asking the BOD to ‘fix itself’ might not work if they’ve let this poor management situation develop and continue for so long.”

      This rang true to me — I volunteered for some years for an organization whose ED’s behavior was problematic, and finally had to leave after an especially egregious incident, because there was no hope that the organization would change as long as the ED’s allies dominated the BOD. The group began to evolve rapidly after one or two of her friends finally retired from the board.

      As someone interested in how organizations function (or don’t), and lives in another state, I’d be curious about your take on this issue, and whether you think county officials, who presumably allocate public funds for the shelter, should be added to the petition. I realize you may not be local to the humane society, but you may have some sense of the dynamics there.

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