Weekend Jade

So of course this happened:

Pitbull. In a tree.
Pitbull. In a tree.

After She Who Will Not Be Contained got done laughing at our puny attempt to hurl additional fencing around the area damaged by the fallen tree, she decided to climb the damn thing. Sorry I didn’t get a better quality pic but it was one of those running-for-the-camera-while-rolling-my-eyes moments.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. You have to give her credit for ingenuity. She is not only beautiful, but she’s smart and entertaining.

  2. Omigosh. Clever girl. Jade, you are BEAUTIFUL. I’m always afraid of my Beagles climbing fences. My newest Pocket Beagle didn’t….till the storm and the tree which crashed down on my fence; he apparently clambered up the tree. Came home to hear him “hunting” in my pasture. Two hours later, I climb out of the brambles to find him in the front yard, chatting with his Beagle friend, Squishy, who bawled the entire time (“Sing it, Squishy!”) “Charlie” was gone. I had him on a leash by the time a young friend got here to help out. With neither of us having any sleep (me working and he up all night with his sick dog), we spent time working on a name for “Charlie.” Funniest – Damascus – childish: “oh, Dam! Oh, Dam!!” hahaha. He settled on Remington (always wanted to name a dog after a gun; he, not I), I call him “Bug” or “Remi.”

  3. I naively thought at the time I snapped this pic that this would be my only chance to get a photo of my dog in a tree. Now I can’t keep her out of the thing. Glass half full: We have a new zinger for use when Jade is being particularly annoying – “Go climb a tree.”

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