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  1. Like (apparently) many people, I’ve been assuming in a vague, uninformed way that it’s terrorist groups who are behind the slaughter of African elephants for their ivory. So this piece, by a freelance journalist based in Africa, was a surprise to me — and it does a good job of explaining not only what’s really going on, but why it’s so important to build policy around the facts and not assumptions:

    “Claiming terrorist involvement in the ivory business shields the real criminal drivers of the trade, while also obscuring, and therefore helping to leave intact, the true sources of terror financing.”


    1. The author says she normally works for PETA online but “recently” spent 2 days in the field with PETA workers in NC. I don’t know how recently this was but during those 2 days, she happened to be an eyewitness to a dog attack where a woman was severely injured. Gee, what are the odds that this would happen in front of her face on 1 of the 2 days she happens to be out in the field? She doesn’t give a location beyond the state. I’d like to know what incident she is referring to bc PETA has been caught lying SO MANY times, it’s impossible to believe anything they claim.

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      1. Exactly. And the dog responsible for this made-up mauling was rescued from a dog fighting ring. OF COURSE. I can just see the bullet points PETA made sure to cover in the letter. I posted a long comment criticizing PETA but it was taken down. Another anti-PETA comment was removed as well.

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      2. I guess my comment wasn’t taken down after all. Now the PETA people are coming back to the article and littering the comment section with their drivel. UGH. I hate PETA.


    1. I just saw another post w/this story:

      … according to this one, the microchip *was* found, but ‘the address was old.’ However, since the name was there, the family was confirmed as valid.

      There’s clearly a problem with how microchip information is handled. They had a name; it was just registered to an old address, I assume because the family moved after they’d lost Phoenix. So I’ve two thoughts on it: One, these days it’s not impossible to find someone with a valid name and old contact info. Two, there ought to be some means of addressing this issue – driver’s license information, maybe? – so that it’s easier to track families down when they’ve moved. Because more and more – as more and more pets are chipped – it’s becoming horribly apparent there are numerous ways it can go wrong.


      1. Yes, especially these days with social media – they could have put out a plea with the cat’s photo and the family’s name. Too many shelters come up against an unregistered chip or one with outdated info and just throw up their hands in defeat…


      2. Yes, and then like as not blame the family in absentia for failing to keep their info updated, without considering the many and varied ways that might not happen – all the while behaving themselves as if the fact a pet is lost is somehow proof that the familial bonds were weak.


      3. To add to all these good points – every company I’ve ever registered a chip with has had me list my name, address and phone numbers as well as a back up contact’s info. With two sets of names, addresses and phone numbers, it is simply unacceptable for a shelter to say “the address was old” and put the animal up for sale.


  2. Here’s a roundup of articles about the United Animal Coalition in NC:
    Sheriff releases new, shocking details in Guilford County Animal Shelter investigation: Guilford County won’t file animal cruelty charges in animal shelter investigation: http://myfox8.com/2015/11/02/guilford-county-wont-file-animal-cruelty-charges-in-animal-shelter-investigation/
    Group Fearful Nothing Will Change at Davidson Co. Animal Shelter: http://www.wfmynews2.com/story/news/2015/11/03/group-fearful-nothing-change-davidson-co-animal-shelter/75127704/
    If United Animal Coalition gets paid, it won’t be for job well done: http://www.rhinotimes.com/Content/Default/County/Article/If-United-Animal-Coalition-gets-paid-it-won-t-be-for-job-well-done/-3/19/746


    1. Heartless SOBs. This momma was doing what mommas do – protect their young. Somebody at that place likes the power of killing.


    1. Lake County: This poor mom was protective of her babies and very sweet, gives kisses when away from her pups but was sentenced to death if no rescue immediately stepped forward. Now I see puppies with their eyes still shut on the Lake County Animal Services Facebook thread pleading for food. They killed their source of food, the mother who was sweet away from her puppies.
      The mother was killed while her babies eyes were still shut.
      Brilliant. A true display of compassion.
      Nicely done Capt. Luce and Supervisor Ferguson. Whose brilliant idea was this?
      Did that loving mother who just delivered ten beautiful pups deserve to die?



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