8 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

    1. That’s because it’ll make them extra super duper vicious. Well, either that or help teach them how to wait, take it, drop it, etc.

      1. Well my neighbors have a cranky Corgi who’s always trying to fence fight with my dogs. The pit bull ignores him, the chiweenie mostly ignores him but occasionally lifts her little lega and pees in his general direction, and the foster lab mix occasionally barks at him but mostly ignores him. Maybe another Corgi would fight back?

  1. I’m going to end up donating our flirt pole to the local shelter, I think. My guys are just USELESS when it comes to using it. The GSD is all, “Not a frisbee. Don’t care.” and the terrier is all, “Not a live critter. Don’t care.”

    Glad at least SOMEONE out there appreciates a good flirt pole session!

      1. Well, she needs the *hope* of a live critter, anyway. Fortunately, the cornfield down the street is chock full of the hope of critters AND has enough space for frisbee throwing! It just would have been nice to be able to tire them out once in a while without me having to haul all around that darn cornfield…

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