Victoria Co Pound Has a 6% Adoption Rate, Zero Tolerance for Rescues

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The Victoria Co pound in Texas, where a dog who had an adopter waiting was recently oops-killed because not killing is hard, is back in the news:

Since November 2014, 3,515 dogs and cats have entered the shelter, according to records. Of those, 238 were adopted.

238 adopted. *sound of balloon deflating*

Glass half full: That number is 30 more than the 208 pets who fell over dead in their cages during that time period. And way more than the 54 animals who went “missing” from the place. You run, Fluffy. You run and don’t ever look back.

Aaaaaaanyway, they don’t need help, especially not from people who ask questions like Why are the animals forced to live in filth? and such:

Victoria County Animal Control has cut ties with a foster group it has been working with for almost three years.

County officials say the group was given the boot for “bullying and unprofessional behaviors.”

However, Kim Cole, the administrator of the foster group Shelter Pets, said the real issue is her attempt to hold the department accountable for what she considers to be inappropriate and inadequate treatment of animals housed at the facility.
Before receiving the letter, Cole said, she had a meeting with Animal Control and the Victoria County Public Health Department, where she brought up issues including the condition of kennels filled with animal feces.

How unprofessional. Bully.

The Victoria Co pound is doing the best they can, probably. But haters gonna hate.

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It’s a glove. And a kitten. In some sort of cylinder. That’s my best guess. Can I use a lifeline?

(Thanks Clarice.)

14 thoughts on “Victoria Co Pound Has a 6% Adoption Rate, Zero Tolerance for Rescues

  1. Again with the fragile human egos resulting in death and destruction. Why the hell can’t people just act like grownups and get their shit together? If you’re not going to be compassionate, at least be competent. If you can’t be that, get the hell out.

    I hope that Shelter Pets can make things public enough to get some change, but it sounds like the Commissioners are in on it for whatever reason.


  2. I’m assuming Shelter Pets has gone to the local newspaper with photos and documentation regarding the abysmal state of the county animal control facility. I’m the editor of a weekly newspaper in Bandera, Texas and, trust me, if something like that had occurred at our animal control facility, it would make the front page week after week. In our county, there hasn’t been an animal euthanized in two years. Animals are put down only for extreme aggression or illness. No one in this county would consider the described conditions acceptable, and our newspaper keeps elected county officials walking the straight and narrow.


    1. If I remember correctly, Victoria is a rather prosperous community, too. My heart goes out to the animals who end up in this hell hole.


      1. I sent them an email asking about the crappy photos. They sent me a reply citing “busy” and a volunteer application.


  3. I tried to adopt a puppy back in July, wanted a friend for my lab pit mix I already have. The one I wanted from there was clearly a black lab. However when I tried to adopt, after i asked to fill out paperwork, saw me fall im love with the puppy, asked if he was going home witj me and they told me he was a pit bull. They don’t adopt out pit bulls. He would be put down and there was nothing I could do. Oops he had been labeled wrong and they couldn’t change it. So I left crying got in my Jeep bawling like a two year old and then said nope. He’s not dying. Not if I have anything to do with it. Walked my half crying butt back in there and told them I lost my black lab puppy and I needed to pick him up. After that didn’t work and was still told no I told them its not fair. He didn’t do anything wrong, he won’t even have a chance.. FINALLY I was told that if I could find a rescue shelter outside of Victoria county that could rescue him that was the only way. I was given a week. Long story short I found a shelter (30 miles away) that gave sympathy to my story and was so helpful! I thank God for them every day. Two days later I was on my way home with my black lab puppy. The most cuddliest dog in my life! And my other dog couldn’t be happier that she has a brother. :) had I given up my sweet boy wouldn’t be here today. They didn’t even care. They need more people who care in that place.


    1. And,no paperwork was,ever signed when the rescue went to pick him up either. How can you account for animals or give accurate figures if people are not having to sign?


  4. Ms. Campbell and Ms. Tieken have not told the truth. I will absolutely confirm that Kim Cole Meyer mentioned to me in more than one conversation that since Heather Kern was no longer the Chief Animal Control Officer, she was not being asked to provide documentation on the pets that Shelter Pets pulled to foster. Kim said when Heather was there, it was a tight ship, anytime a dog was released to foster, there were papers to sign and documentation to be provided regarding vaccination, spay/neuter, etc. However even though Brecka Tieken had been asked about this and told that other facilities Shelter Pets pulled from required this paperwork, it was dismissed and no requests made. Kim Cole Meyer was concerned about this change after Heather left.

    Then on November 5th, after the meeting that Kim and another Shelter Pet member had with Lisa Campbell and Brecka Tieken, Ms. Tieken e-mailed a request to Kim for paperwork going back to the early summer. Kim Meyer had all the information requested but was getting married in two days and assured Brecka Tieken that the information would be provided after her wedding.

    Then comes the letter from Lisa Campbell severing ties with Shelter Pets. The missing information that Lisa Campbell and Brecka Tieken are talking about was NEVER missing. Ms. Tieken did not want it, did not ask for it, and apparently was not aware that it was required. Kim Meyer kept the records because she was concerned that VAC was not meeting the standard and that the information would be required

    It is obvious that the leadership at VAC does not like any scrutiny or public comment regarding how the facility is run. There have been so many questionable things going on at VAC; I would think anyone concerned about how our county government is run, how their tax dollars are spent, and how the public health is protected would have any number of questions….such as:

    Why was a Chief Animal Control officer hired that did not have the certifications or experience of the person who had worked at VAC for years, was a certified Vet Tech and had been told she would get the job.

    Why was Dr. Cochran told her services were no longer needed in a curt three sentence e-mail with no explanation?

    Why were animals being taken off site to the offices of local vets to be euthanized and vaccinated at a significantly higher cost.

    How do you “lose” 53 cats and 1 dog from VAC?

    But the big question is why does the Chief Animal Control Officer and the Public Health Director want to cut off a rescue group of over 3,800 people, who have fostered and found homes for literally hundreds of dogs in the past 3 years ….dogs that would have ended up at VAC and been euthanized…..a group that has transferred dogs to breed specific shelters in other cities…..a group that has gathered and donated money for surgeries and vet care for VAC dogs that were injured….a group that built a fenced area by VAC with donated money for dogs to run and exercise, a group that has, in essence, lightened the load of VAC by assisting the public networking and finding lost dogs……and all at no cost to the county. It is time these questions are answered.



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