Remembering Pets Who Died in Their Cages at the Memphis Pound: September 2015

Animals impounded by Memphis Animal Services fall over dead in their cages every month.  Here are the records for the pets who died in anonymity in September at MAS.

I am using this post to memorialize one of those pets who was impounded in “normal” condition then died in his cage the next day.  There are no notes to indicate why an apparently healthy dog suddenly died and no notes indicating anyone at MAS took the slightest interest:

281650 cage card  281650 med records

I’m sorry your last hours on this earth were spent alone in a cage at a pet killing facility. You are loved and you are not forgotten.

How many more, Memphis?

12 thoughts on “Remembering Pets Who Died in Their Cages at the Memphis Pound: September 2015

  1. I’m listening to the new Adele song as I read this. Why do we keep marginalizing everything from dogs to people fleeing for their lives? The world doesn’t have to be terrible if we listened to our hearts and acted with our souls, but too many people have disconnected from the very core of their beings for what? Money? Convenience? The joy of seeing something helpless suffer?

  2. While AC was investigating two abandoned puppies, the caller decided she wanted to give up her old and blind dog. WTH???

  3. If you read all the attached notices, the last one (I think it’s the last one), says a lady called animal control to report 2 pups abandoned in a box. The ac report says while they were there investigating the two pups, the lady wanted them to take her old blind dog. She surrendered this old blind dog to animal control.

  4. We are a disposable society when it comes to pets. Discard them when they become of no use, are sick, aged or their owners grow tired of them. It happens everyday in this country and other countries too.

  5. That just breaks my heart. The poor dog. Did it die in its cage of a broken heart, or an illness, or did someone at MAS do something unspeakable? In any event, RIP you poor beautiful dog.

  6. Interesting that, according to some of the rescues in the Detroit area, Michigan (in)Humane is involved in the hell hole that is Detroit Animal Control. Matthew Pepper continues his march of death. Getting him out of Memphis Animal Slaughterhouse hasn’t improved things for the animals, though. Hope the new mayor there will do some serious house cleaning! RIP pup, you and so many others did not deserve this.

      1. I was just reading an article about the new mayor. Regarding MAS, he said “What we want to do is get several national organizations that are reputable in animal control issues to come in, do a review or audit of the situation, give us recommendations, and help us find a director.”

        Great, bring in HSUS, the ASPCA and/or PETA and they’ll get a free pass to continue killing. I hope Nathan Winograd will be able to consult with them as well.

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