PETA Can Shove Its Fruit Basket Up Its Walk-In Dead Pet Freezer

When PETA got caught on surveillance camera trying – and failing – to lure an owned Chihuahua named Maya off her porch last year, ultimately stealing and killing the beloved pet, the group sent the cranks back to the scene of the crime.  They knocked on the door, told the family they had killed their dog and gave them a fruit basket.

As it turns out, the heartbroken owners didn’t feel PETA’s basket of crazy was fair compensation for killing a member of their family.  Wilber Zarate and his daughter Cynthia are now suing PETA and the two screwballs, seeking more than $9 million:

Cynthia was distraught after Maya was killed, Zarate said of his daughter in the lawsuit.

“She cried for weeks, became lethargic, lost sleep, refrained from eating and lost weight,” he said. “Maya was irreplaceable.”

Apparently a fruit basket did not make it all better.  So weird.

Before anyone has a sad because PETA may have to cough up $9 million, let’s remember that PETA collects that amount many times over every year from donors.  Some donors are probably honestly duped into believing the group does the opposite of things like operating a pet slaughterhouse, others are willfully ignorant but eager to congratulate themselves on their charitable giving.  I tend to toss celebrities with deep pockets and small brains into that latter category.

The money won’t be a problem for PETA.  The lawsuit, and the media attention it will hopefully attract, will be.  Look how many people had their eyes opened by the press coverage of PETA’s 2007 Piggly Wiggly dumpster trial.  Any opportunity to shine a light on PETA’s pet killing is worthwhile.  Nothing can bring Maya back, but by suing for such a large sum of money, her family is sending a clear message bound to garner widespread attention:  Pets are family.  PETA kills pets.

(Thanks Laura.)

9 thoughts on “PETA Can Shove Its Fruit Basket Up Its Walk-In Dead Pet Freezer

  1. Good for that family. I hope their attorney gets them the $9 million and more. PeTA, what a crock. It always slays me when they use images of bully breeds on their pleas for “mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.”

  2. Unfortunately, PeTA has high-priced lawyers who are more than happy to drag this out, despite the video evidence and PeTA’s admitted wrongdoing. They won’t pay out (even though they easily could without any real harm to their bottom line) until they have to. Until then, they’ll delight in harassing and making life hard for the family. Because they’re jerks.

    Why is ANYONE still listening to PeTA?

  3. prediction: PETA does not want any more exposure of this particular act of criminal sociopathy. They’ll settle out of court with a gag order…

  4. I look forward to this. During the discovery process PETA will be forced to provide documentation of their systematic killing. They won’t be able to hide it anymore. This makes me giddy.

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