Treats on the Internets

Some commenters in the Open Thread have been following the case of the woman who posted a photo online of her dog with his mouth duct taped shut.  Now another woman taped her dog’s mouth shut and posted a photo, in solidarity.  Animal abusers gotta stick together.  Pun intended.

Reader Eucritta posted this link in the Open Thread and I wanted to share it again here:  an idea on identifying lost indoor cats at a distance, akin to eartipping neutered ferals.  Any thoughts?

Animals at a zoo in Germany are being killed, police are investigating.

Instagram photo of Prince Harry with a sedated elephant in Africa, posted with a personal anti-poaching message.

Bonus Prince Harry on Instagram.  (Mandatory.)

A police officer in OK picked up a lost donkey from a 50 mph road and gave him a ride in his police car.  Thing that made my morning: the officer talking about rolling down the window for the little donkey.

6 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. So the cat collar thing – I think it is a nice idea, but not sure it is practical. 50% of animals that go out with a collar or other means of identification are found without it. And you have to notice it too – last time I saw a cat crossing the road it was so quick I was just able to register that it was a cat, I doubt I would have been able to notice the color of the collar. Also I can’t put collars on all my cats – they rebel! But I won’t knock the idea – we do need to bring more cats home and it is a harmless way to try to do it.

  2. The orange collars are a good idea, but I think that MOST cats who go missing are actually indoor/outdoor cats.

    It reminds me of the Yellow Dog Project in that it requires people to both comply and know what the orange collar indicates. To this day, I don’t know if I could walk down my street with a yellow ribbon on my dog’s leash and have anyone know what it means. Although to be fair, The Oatmeal has pretty good reach, so his information may spread further.

    1. Yes. Cats are also exceptionally good at losing collars, which was another of my reservations about it. But then again, if the cat does still have a collar, bright orange would certainly be more visible than most. Maybe. I’ve had cats who were so floofy you’d never know.

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