Louisville Pound Director Under Investigation by Police

The Louisville Metro Police Department’s Public Integrity Unit is investigating Jessica Jo Montgomery, director of Louisville Metro Animal Services, and O’Dell Henderson, metro government’s lead liaison to the city’s labor unions. At issue is the alleged transport of a controlled substance and the killing of Henderson’s 2 year old black lab by Montgomery at his home on September 10.

Louisville Magazine reports that official government records obtained by whistleblowers under the state’s open records law appear to show the following:

  • Montgomery was not licensed to kill animals on September 10.
  • Without this license, Montgomery did not have legal access to Fatal Plus, a federally controlled substance.
  • Montgomery’s signature appears alongside that of another LMAS employee, who was licensed to kill animals, in a log entry for the withdrawal of 8cc of Fatal Plus on September 10.

The sources — who requested anonymity out of fear of reprisal by the agency and by metro government — allege that Montgomery used her power over subordinates to gain access to the euthanasia drug, and that an LMAS employee accompanied Montgomery to Henderson’s home but refused to perform the euthanasia, which they claim Montgomery did herself. “I think she saw the opportunity to get in good with her higher-ups,” one of the anonymous sources said.

Tip: Anyone asking you to illegally kill his 2 year old pet is not someone you want to “get in good” with. Unless you want more of the same.

The allegations put Montgomery in potential violation of LMAS policy and/or state laws including that the only animals allowed to be killed by LMAS staff are those in LMAS custody who are taken to the kill room and that the killing must be performed by a licensed tech.

As for Henderson:

When initially reached for comment, Henderson answered the phone, confirmed his identity and hung up after being asked about the alleged euthanasia. On a follow-up call, he said, “I don’t know how you got this number, but don’t call it again.”

Mad negotiating skillz there.

Anyone know the reason Henderson wanted his 2 year old black lab killed or why he didn’t take his pet to a veterinarian?

No one in city government is commenting on the case.  The investigation, which reportedly began in mid-September, remains ongoing.

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10 thoughts on “Louisville Pound Director Under Investigation by Police

  1. That didn’t end the way I thought it might – I was thinking the dog was killed to get back at the guy for some reason (but maybe that’s just my world). People are just disappointing.

    1. When she was hired, several racy photos of her emerged and many thought she should be fired . The news articles are still available on line.

  2. Can’t believe this is still out there. I know this is 2 years old but I like clearing my dad’s name. This was my dog not his. She had kidney disease and took a sharp turn for the worst. We wanted to put her down peacefully at her home instead of at a vet. We asked her if she knew a vet that would do house calls and she offered to do it and we wouldn’t think to check her credentials because of her job title. People blow things out of proportion… this is why people’s names get tarnished for absolutely no reason. It’s a shame.

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