Nevada Pound Director Avoids Felony Charges, Enabled by Police Chief

As we are often chided by those opposed to hearing the truth about pet killing facilities, nobody wants to kill animals.  And this is true, with the exception of everybody who does want to kill animals, especially those who pee their pants a little every time a box of Fatal Plus arrives in the mail:

Jenny Silvia, a shelter volunteer, told police […] that [former Boulder City Animal Control Supervisor Mary Jo] Frazier “finds joy in killing animals.”

Police were talking to people who had worked with Frazier at the pound while they conducted an investigation into allegations of needless animal killings by Frazier:

A frantic phone call [in April] had prompted a Boulder City police detective to investigate whether the city’s head of animal control had, just for fun, been killing animals in the city’s shelter.


Boulder City Animal Control Officer Ann Inabnitt told police that Frazier, her supervisor, didn’t want to provide medical care to Lotus, an abused 11-week-old pit bull suffering from shattered teeth, a swollen head and a broken left hip. Frazier’s reason, her co-worker told police, was “we don’t spend money on pit bulls and because I’m just going to stick her anyway,” according to the detective’s affidavit to support an arrest warrant. […] Frazier refused to put the pit bull on the veterinarian-recommended diet of soft food, records show.

The police investigation reportedly found that Frazier had personally killed approximately half the animals who were impounded by Boulder City AC since being promoted to supervisor in 2006.  She instructed staff not to advertise animals for adoption online.  The Boulder City pound was never at capacity and animals were killed while cages sat empty.

Most of the animals who were killed by Frazier were killed upon impound, in violation of the city ordinance requiring a 5 day holding period.  Another city ordinance requires an exam by a veterinarian before any animal is killed but police determined Frazier was routinely violating that law too.

After Frazier’s husband divorced her crazy ass, he says she stole his dachshund, took him to the pound and killed him.

The police investigation culminated in the issue of an arrest warrant on felony and gross misdemeanor charges against Frazier – a warrant that was never served because the chief of police, who is in charge of the pound, quashed the whole thing.  Frazier retired two days later.  She is apparently collecting retirement checks from the city and has skipped town, probably to a place where they have drinks with little umbrellas in them.  Little umbrellas that look like needles filled with Fatal Plus, I’m guessing.

Police Chief Bill Conger defended sweeping the whole thing under a rug:

The chief said that he himself showed Boulder City Attorney David Olsen the investigation and that Olsen said felony charges would not stick, though “maybe a couple of misdemeanors” would.
“Why go forward with something that’s not going to go very far, number one, and number two, when she resigned this whole thing stopped,” Conger said.

A leetle problem:  the city attorney says he never heard word one from Conger about the case.

Another teensy snag:  After an area paper published the story about how Frazier was allowed to get her rocks off by needlessly killing animals on the taxpayers’ dime then retire before she could be arrested, take the taxpayers’ money and go someplace sunny, taxpayers were displeased.  They began an online campaign, held a protest at the police station and generally raised hell.

In response, the police chief decided he’d kick the ball down the field a little, then fall on the pile after the opponent was tackled to make it look like he was trying:

Boulder City officials have reversed course, saying they will submit previously dismissed information from a criminal investigation of the city’s former animal control supervisor to the Clark County District Attorney’s office for review.

As far as Conger’s role in enabling Frazier’s escape from justice:

“People get in trouble and resign all the time,” the chief said Tuesday.

Chief of Meh.

Also:  don’t criticize, we all want the same thing, if you don’t volunteer at your local pet killing facility you are part of the problem, blahcetera.

(Photo by Casey Post.)

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12 thoughts on “Nevada Pound Director Avoids Felony Charges, Enabled by Police Chief

  1. OMG. Gleefully killing everything she can get her hands on, making a puppy suffer by not feeding soft food even though his little mouth is all broken…psycho.

    And then the chief shields her? What. An. Asshole.

    I hope they BOTH get looked at REALLLLLL close. Because there’s sure to be a whole lot of shady happening there.

    That lady needs to go live on the moon. Today.

    1. I have some ideas, but they’d paint the blog blue. Mind, kittens can indeed get bordetella and when they do can be bad news, but it also takes more than eyeballing a case of the snots to know the difference. Something tells me a butcher like this isn’t going to bother to have a full work-up done.

  2. Even scarier is wondering what she is doing for kicks now. This is one of those times I’d damn well want to know if this person is in my area so I can protect my animals from her.
    And apparently she and the chief must be made for each other, sad and scary.

  3. People who enjoy killing seek out jobs where they get to kill. There will have to be ways to stop these people from getting jobs at shelters.

    EVERYBODY is guilty! Anybody who was working for the city from the bottom to the top should be held accountable! As much as I appreciate the whistle blowers, but they KNEW about this! For Years!! If it had been me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, I would have ran naked in the streets of Boulder City to draw attention!! Is this town so corrupt that EVERYONE turned their cowardly heads?!.. I’m sick to my stomach and shocked, that not one of them had a conscious!! NOT ONE!!boulder city paid her to be a killer, gave her drugs, a syringe, and asked absolutely no questions
    OMG!! She’s demented, diabolical, dangerous!! Oh God, my stomach turns and my heart breaks for those poor animals that she “stuck”. She probably laughed in their faces, or violently grabbed them as they were fearfully taking their last, confused, terrified breath. Why wasn’t there an accounting of dosages/weight of the animal vs euthanization.. That is a powerful drug and every single milligram should have been accounted for!

  5. If I were her ex husband she would have He** to pay. This monstrous cruel woman is going to He** anyway. This woman and the police chief protecting her need to be held accountable for their actions. If Fentanyl which was her responsibility to account for is missing, then I believe there is further cause to investigate. This dangerous evil monster needs to be stopped from performing her diabolical deeds. Psychopaths are not redeemable. Fire the obstructive police chief. Citizens of Boulder stand up!

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