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  1. Karen F

     /  December 19, 2015

    ICYMI — great post from Robin Starr, head of the Richmond (VA) SPCA, calling out PETA for an outrageous recent letter it recently mass-mailed, presumably to its supporters.

  2. vida

     /  December 19, 2015

    The director of Detroit Animal Control has been fired!
    Some back story here:

    I hope the new director is better. Good on the people that refused to let this go.

    • Good – hope that he is replaced with a human being with compassion for all living creatures.

  3. Heads up Upstate NY folks, and everyone in the surrounding areas!

    15 and possibly as many as 17 dogs are missing in Saint Lawrence County NY. Plus at least two additional theft attempts have been thwarted.

    Please keep an on your dogs when they’re out. Even if its a well fenced yard. Even if you’re sure they know to stay in the yard.

    For folks in the surrounding areas and states, please keep an eye out for someone selling large numbers of dogs!

    • Never just put your dog out, assuming s/he will be safe. Wonder how many cats are missing, too. See this on lost and found pages, too. “Dog never leaves the yard, gets out of the fence . . . ” Better safe than sorry.

  4. A 5 week old puppy (who is too young to be separated from his littermates and mama!) was in someone’s car when it got stolen.



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