Treats on the Internets

Ownership of a dog adopted from the Athens-Clarke County Animal Shelter in GA is being disputed between the man who says he lost her and the woman who adopted her.  He says:  Dog got lost, he called shelter twice, they said they didn’t have dog, then he saw his dog’s picture on the shelter’s website, called again and was told the dog had already been adopted.  He FOIA’d the dog’s records to get the adopter’s information.  She says:  She adopted the dog in good faith then 3 months later this guy starts harassing her about getting his dog back.  She has filed a restraining order against the man.  The shelter says:  We followed the law.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Syrian families have been ravaged by war.  Some have walked hundreds of miles with their dogs, hoping to find refuge.  Cats have been taken aboard rafts by their people.  Other cats, left behind when the owners were killed or forced to flee for their lives, are being cared for by a local resident.  Many animals have fared far worse.

A dog with a phony rabies certificate was imported from Egypt to the U.S. by a rescue group.  He turned out to be rabid.  The other 7 dogs and 27 cats who were imported with him were not infected.

Someone apparently brought more than 60 dogs to a remote, wooded area in Searcy Co Arkansas, poisoned them, then opened fire.  Fifty-six dogs were found dead, another one was grievously wounded and had to be euthanized by the game warden.  Four survivors have been captured and are being sheltered by the Searcy Co HS.  Volunteers are still trying to capture at least one other survivor.  Police are investigating.  (Thanks Susan.)

Researchers found that dogs may be capable of some form of empathy, which is apparently news to researchers.

Not the Xmas card you were expecting?

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