Merry Christmas!

Celebrating the human-animal bond with photos and captions submitted by readers:

xmas anne s
This is a photo of my daughters and our pit bull Trixie, having a sleepover in the living room. Trixie was a stray living in a vacant lot. Wiley, she was able to evade all efforts to capture her until she spotted my husband with the word “sucker” written across his forehead and trotted right on up to him. And that’s how we got a third dog. – Anne S.
xmas amd.JPG
This is of happier times. Left to right Kathryn with Roxie, Paul with Sidewinder, Shane with Paige (daughter) and Beethoven. – Anne Marie
xmas lisa
Lisa and Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. Digby came from the Rowan County, NC, pound. He’s the kind of impulsive, over-exuberant dog who jumps all over potential adopters and gets labeled a “behavior problem” at many pounds. Fortunately for Digby, he ended up jumping on the right person, and now he’s in training to be an agility and flyball dog. – Lisa
xmas cr
A girl and her dog. R.I.P., Rosie, May 8, 2002-March 23, 2015. A very good dog. – Claire
xmas leslie
Gladys, a 15-year-old deaf cat owner-surrendered to the shelter, embracing my arm shortly after joining my family in August. Any time I pet her, she grabs my arm like this. – Leslie in San Lorenzo, CA
xmas susanne
Harry whom I rescued from certain death at Worcester County Animal Control, is the most lovable and dignified soul. He loves to snuggle and be carried around in a sling while you do chores. I love him so much. – Susanne
xmas susanne2
My son Zak and my rescued pit bull type dog Jenny. I pulled Jenny from animal control where I vol to save her from being killed in July 2011. I intended to foster her but failed as a foster and adopted her myself. She is one of the loves of my life! – Susanne
xmas jenn
Here is a photo of me saying “see ya later!” to a shelter dog on his way to a rescue foster home. I put out a call for help (as a shelter volunteer) for this little guy, now named Rocco, as he was getting overlooked at the shelter and his spirit was dying. Rocco was adopted by his foster family because he immediately deeply bonded with the husband. They adore him and send me pictures of him often. I love this picture of us! – Jenn
xmas stacey
SPCA of Brazoria County (Texas) shelter employee Sam feeding an orphaned kitten. – Stacey
xmas bobbie
This is Justus, a would be Black and Tan Coonhound, probably Doberman mix, and I think he has Poodle in there somewhere. When his rescue didn’t want to keep him because he wasn’t a B&T, I adopted him at cost. He is my traveling companion and my big bud. He is a “Whineramer,” because he whines, and a Guy Magnet, because when my girlfriend kept him while I was in the store, 4 guys came up to see him…..Justus also still considers himself a lap dog. In this photo, he is lending support to my back. – Roberta
xmas eu
Bertie Woofster & Eucritta in Northern California.
xmas jane
This photo is of my son, Zach with former foster dog Milkshake. – Jane
xmas karen
Vera at her nursery in Seattle with Bruce. – Karen F.
xmas danielle
Sometimes Indy insists on holding hands when we snuggle. – Danielle S, GA.

Thank you to everyone who sent in these truly lovely photos for this post. And thank you to all my readers for sharing part of your day here all year long. I appreciate you and everything you do to help animals in need. Pets are family.

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    1. I love the part where that post says, “Why do people get pets when they can’t afford them? Because they have caring hearts and love to share.” Perfect answer to the commenters who say, “If you can’t afford a pet, don’t get one!”

      Merry Christmas, everybody, and thank you, Shirley, for your amazing work all year round.


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to share and thank you for including us in this utterly sweet, devoted, loving, kind company for Christmas. Justus and I made it home for the holidays in SD (last weekend). Comment in next post :)!



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