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weddell seals


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  1. I had a most enjoyable and dog filled Christmas this year. Went home to family and long time friends in SD (1500 miles round trip) with Justus, Guy Magnet and Whineramer (no typo – he whines and is not a Weimaraner), as well as Alvin Beagle, who I handed over to his rescue in Omaha for his adoption (which fell through – a good thing; better apps in the pike). Enjoyed the snow and cold, Justus was quite polite, and then home again. My first time home to SD in 20 years (nursing schedules are not conducive to long distance family). Yesterday, Christmas Day, spent with my local family (they “adopted” me) and their dogs with my pocket Beagle Remi. Opened presents and shared stories. Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy New Year.

  2. Springfield MO passes a law limiting tethering to 30minutes.


    Note that the way this is written it could also ban martingale style collars.



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