8 thoughts on “Name That Animal

    1. On second thought, could it be a pheasant …? I still think it looks like a grouse, but I can’t think of any brightly-colored grouse. Or grouses. Just ones with flashes of color.



    This is a Western tragopan. From Wiki:

    The western tragopan or western horned tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus) is a medium-sized brightly plumed pheasant found along the Himalayas from Hazara in northern Pakistan in the west to Uttarakhand within India to the east. The species is highly endangered and globally threatened.
    During display, the males show the throat inflated into lappets that appear purple with pink margins. They also display blue horns with a fancied resemblance to those of the Greek mythological god Pan, whence the name tragopan (tragos “goat” + Pan).


      1. I was considering using a display photo for the post but thought maybe that might make it too hard. IDK, I function at the “colored birds are peacocks” level so it’s hard for me to gauge.



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