NC Rescuer Charged with Crime by Pet Killing Facility

rowan co ph jan152016
Screengrab from PetHarbor of the Rowan Co pound’s cat listings on January 15, 2016.  They’re doing the best they can, prolly.

A woman in NC has been trying to do the Rowan Co pound’s job for them since they are so terribly awful at it.  Jennifer Frasier regularly pulls cats from the pound and gets them adopted to permanent homes.  Pound staff say that Ms. Frasier has come in more than once and taken every single cat on the kill list.  She also pulls for other rescues when they want to save cats from being killed but can’t physically get there before the buzzer sounds.

In November 2015, a group of cats was found abandoned in Iredell Co, which neighbors Rowan Co.  Some of the cats were traced back via microchips to Ms. Frasier’s father (the article is a bit confusing on the details here and of course the county won’t provide any information). Ms. Frasier says she had pulled some of the cats from the Rowan Co pound for another rescue.  She says she turned them over to that rescue the same day she pulled them and has documentation to verify her claim.  The cats were picked up, sent back to Rowan Co then returned to Ms. Frasier’s father.

Last month, Iredell Co Animal Services had police arrest Ms. Frasier and her father on charges of animal abandonment.  Subsequent to the arrest, Ms. Frasier has been attacked on social media and her rescue’s adoption center has been vandalized.  The adoption center is now closed.  Both Ms. Frasier and her father are due in Iredell Co court on February 1.

I will grant you the details of this case are clear as mud but what is known is that both the pounds in Rowan Co and Iredell Co are the suck.  In 2014, Iredell Co killed roughly 3 out of 4 of its cats.

iredell co ph jan152016
Screengrab from PetHarbor showing a cat listed by Iredell Co.

Anyone who walks into a pound and says, “Give me every cat on your kill list” is ok by me. I don’t know why Rowan Co didn’t intervene and tell Iredell Co to back off when this unfortunate situation arose but the whole thing sounds like a bunch of slackers got together with some cat haters and threw a party.  I hope the county withdraws the charges before the court date.  If they can take time out of their cat hating day I mean.

(Thanks Lisa for the link.)

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  1. I am representing Jennifer Frasier & want to thank you for this post. Cyber abuse has been horrible & that coupled with the break in has left group members feeling violated beyond measure. Hard to comprehend — surely there’s enough animal work to go around.

  2. What a mess. How can she possibly be responsible for what another rescue did? If she has documentation that she turned them into the other rescue, it should end there.

    And – if they’re claiming that the cats are her father’s property (via microchip), then how can they arrest HER?

    None of this makes sense – unless you factor in petty vindictiveness, of course.

  3. I hope that when this is over, she is not thwarted and continues her work protecting helpless animals from being slaughtered.

  4. I question where are the cats now? Per Iredell records it appears Rowan returned cats in question to Craig (Jens father who also has or is involved with a rescue). Hopefully after all this is settled we will know fate of these cats. I think the bigger issue is to know that these cats are safe.

  5. I have researched this situation that I have seen circulating in the animal rescue world. I do believe people are innocent until proven guilty. My question to you is: where is the proof of where all the cats have gone? People have asked Jen for the proof and she has not followed through. She was asked before the break in and ignored the people that had asked her. Than all of a sudden she had a break in and her records we’re stolen. Why would someone take her records? I am sorry but she sounds guilty to me. I have also seen how many cats she has pulled on a weekly basis. There are not enough homes out there for all these animals that is why they have to be euthanized. If people are giving her pledge money they have a right to know these answers. I have seen other legitimate rescues that do not ask for pledge money. Also, why are pledges being made to her name instead of her rescue? I would appreciate a truthful answer from Jen.

  6. Thank you Tracy. Where are all the cats that she has pulled. Where are all the records on the cats that we’re pulled. I am all for innocent until proven guilty but I have read the comments regarding this case and it seems to me that people have asked for the records and they we’re ignored by Ms. Frasier. Than all of a sudden there was a break in and the records we’re stolen. Why would someone break in and steal the records that people have asked her to produce? It sounds strange to me. I wanna save every cat and dog out there too, but the reality of the world we live in that is just impossible and that is why euthanasia is going on. There are not enough homes out there for all these cats and dogs. It is horrible, but that is reality. So to me I want to see proof on where all the cats have gone too and I also feel Rowan is responsible for allowing one rescue to pull so many at once on a consistent basis.

  7. I apologize for 2 comments, my first one was not going through so i rewrote it and now they are both on there.

  8. Thank you, Shirley. I am so tired of this shit I could choke. I don’t know Jen, not even on FB, but at least I’m in the same state. One of her primary attackers is in Florida. Not that someone from out of state cannot obtain accurate information … but do they? Did Terri Wolfe talk to anyone in Rowan County, or any of the other rescuers/rescues who work with Jen? Earlier today I posted this on my FB page because of situations like Jen’s and others:

    1. “the rescues” “enabler-groupies” that are ALWAYS defending the rescue, bullying people that ask the “rescue” questions, smear, attack, and even STALK those who ask questions that won’t stop pushing for answers to the questions below.

      These enabler-groups are a group of totally ABSURD, ridiculous people that are like ignorant “body guards” “protecting” and “defending “the rescue” and their reputation – a tragic JOKE in and of itself.

      The reason “enabler-groupies” are perceived as IGNORANT is because unlike real body guards and PR people, these dopes don’t get paid anything and are instead “thrown bones” of praise, “the rescue” tells them you’re “part of the team” when the REALITY is that “the rescue” makes fun of them, calls them despicable things behind their backs, and if the True Believer cult-follower enabler ever does “get a clue” and starts spilling the beans (for instance, FORMER volunteers for various “rescues” have contacted this blog with information about several rescues and their shady, and sometimes illegal activities) about some nasty stuff at some “rescues” regarding HOW MANY ANIMALS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE “RESCUED” ARE MISSING, OR THEY KNOW THE ANIMAL HAS BEEN KILLED FOR NO GOOD REASON OTHER THAN “THE RESCUE” DOESN’T WANT TO SPEND ANY MONEY ON THEM, more often than people in the public would believe, these people are literally TERRORIZED by these donation-funded rescues that CAN’T AFFORD for the donations to dry-up if/when people find out about what’s really going on at “the rescue”.

      1. “the rescues” “enabler-groupies” that are ALWAYS defending the rescue, bullying people that ask the “rescue” questions, smear, attack, and even STALK those who ask questions that won’t stop pushing for answers to the questions below.

        These enabler-groups are a group of totally ABSURD, ridiculous people that are like ignorant “body guards” “protecting” and “defending “the rescue” and their reputation – a tragic JOKE in and of itself.

        The reason “enabler-groupies” are perceived as IGNORANT is because unlike real body guards and PR people, these dopes don’t get paid anything and are instead “thrown bones” of praise, “the rescue” tells them you’re “part of the team” when the REALITY is that “the rescue” makes fun of them, calls them despicable things behind their backs, and if the True Believer cult-follower enabler ever does “get a clue” and starts spilling the beans (for instance, FORMER volunteers for various “rescues” have contacted this blog with information about several rescues and their shady, and sometimes illegal activities) about some nasty stuff at some “rescues” regarding HOW MANY ANIMALS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE “RESCUED” ARE MISSING, OR THEY KNOW THE ANIMAL HAS BEEN KILLED FOR NO GOOD REASON OTHER THAN “THE RESCUE” DOESN’T WANT TO SPEND ANY MONEY ON THEM, more often than people in the public would believe, these people are literally TERRORIZED by these donation-funded rescues that CAN’T AFFORD for the donations to dry-up if/when people find out about what’s really going on at “the rescue”.

      2. Simple, non-accusatory questions to send to primarily, or entirely donation-funded animal rescues, to be sent to their “enabler-groupies”, and to the “new age media” and their sub-standard “reporters” – you can save time by simply cutting and pasting the questions into an email, PM, or whatever mode of communication you’re using:

        what are the rescues itemized MONTHLY financials,
        publicly post a MONTHLY head-count of WHERE ALL of the animals ARE currently that you’ve rescued within the past 1-2 years (or longer)
        are the animals at your rescues facility? If so, post current photos;
        are the animals at a rescue you “partner with”? If so, post the name and location of that rescue and current photos of the animals;
        were they adopted, (please give dates of adoption and where the animal is located, along with CURRENT photos of the adopted animal);
        are they out on “trial adoptions” (if so, what are the particulars of “dates of trial adoption”, location of animals and publicly post current photos of the animal);
        are they out-for-training (if so, with whom and where are they located, post current photos);
        are they in a foster home (with who, where are they located, post current photos);
        are they in a sanctuary (what is the sanctuary’s name and location, post current photos);
        are they alive or DEAD;
        if DEAD, why were they “put down” – publicly post ALL vet reports and bills for ALL “rescued animals” that were euthanized
        how were they “put down” – publicly post ALL euthanasia reports and bills for ALL “rescued animals” that were euthanized.
        More good questions at this link:

      3. DAY-um. Did you get quotation marks for Christmas? Hope you have some left.

      4. And since you’re here: Did you talk to anyone with the Rowan County Shelter? Did you talk to any of the many rescues and other rescuers who know and work with Jen Frasier? What other rescues have you targeted with allegations of malfeasance. animal cruelty, etc? What were the outcomes of those “investigations?” I’m sure you will be more than happy to share your impeccable sources in this case as well as the results of your past prosecutions.

  9. McKenna Thompson, does Jen owe you a response just because you asked for it? Do you think just maybe her counsel (who has posted here) has cautioned her to ignore questions, especially from busybodies who are merely rubbernecking? Unless you are the Iredell County police or Ms Frasier’s attorney, you should expect an answer in court, like the rest of us. SMH. Also, by the way, the adoption center is not the only related place/person to have been vandalized.

    1. when people are sending her pledge money, i believe they do deserve to know where these cats are going. People are looking out for the cats and with Jen’s prior arrests that go back for years prior to this arrest i do not trust that she would do what is best for the cats. Her prior arrests include: Armed robbery, Financial Card Fraud, and now animal abandonment. So yes i do feel that with someone that has a background like this and is asking for 100.00 per cat, and pulls several cats a week that something is up and i do know people that have pledged money to her in the past. They deserve to have the question answered on where are all these cats now.

    2. Yes!!! She does owe a response just for anyone asking. She is a 501c3 rescue, so she is required to provide the information to anyone that ask to see it!

      1. Mary, she does not. I don’t know where you are getting your information about the accountabilities to the uninvolved public of a 501c3, but I suggest you seek a new source but the one you are using now is just flatly wrong.

  10. Without exposing too much for confidentiality sake, I have vetted almost 1000 animals she has pulled from RCAC, from infections, eye and leg amputations, parasitism, spay and neuter, etc. She posted on her Facebook how much she spent on vetting last year.Guilty until proven innocent…

      1. I am simply answering the allegations that she does not get them vetted. I do not track her adoptions….however, one is in my office having its leg treated, where it has been for six weeks, which she is paying for, amongst others.

    1. The accusations as I understand them are, she has pulled hundreds of cats with money pledged from several local shelters, collecting pledges, and then no paper trail as to where the cats are at now. There have been calls for transparency for a year with no paperwork provided. After the arrest, her adoption center was allegedly burglarized but the only things taken were file cabinets full of all documentation on where the cat are, her receipt book, and the computer.

  11. Thank you Mary for explaining it, since apparently i did not explain myself properly. Dr. Meija i did not say anything about her not getting them vetted. I had asked where the cats are. We want proof as to where they have all gone. And you said you have vetted 1000 of them. Where are the 1000? Who vetted them if you didnt? To them people on here that are supporting Jen, apparently you are not real animal lovers if you do not care to find out where the cats have gone which is very disheartening to me. You claim to love animals but are not looking at the reason as to why people are questioning her.

    1. I am not the only ones who have vetted these cats, as I started last April. Many of them were ferals, and cats destined to die if not pulled. We ear tip them and they are taken to managed farms or colonies and released. Some are adoptable and taken to the center or in foster. I am not responsible for her adoptions or record keeping, however, all of this cyberbullying should stop until investigations are over.
      Maybe all of the “concerned” animal lovers out there can go pull all of the cats dying at the shelter now because no one is around to pull the majority of them, much less the ferals.

      1. Asking questions are not cyber-bulling. To be honest, it is not very professional of you to insert yourself into this.

      2. She has been a victim of cyberbullying since this started… And how is it not professional? My occupation has nothing to do with, nor does it inhibit my freedom of speech. I have seen what she has done for the cats of this county…paying people’s vet bills, taking in cats in the parking lot, paying for spay/neuter for and saving cats no one wants. What have YOU done for shelter cats this week??

      3. Well, please enlighten me Professor, what are the “rules,” that I cannot comment on a public forum? BTW, there is no confidentiality in NC regarding vet records, check with the Board.

      4. That is awesome news, so we can see the records where you vetted 1000 cats since April? That means you are vetting, spay/neutering approx 111 cats a month.

    2. McKenna I know the reason the questions are being asked. I also know that she doesn’t have to answer, and probably is being told not to do so as long as there is an open case.

      1. Armed robbery, Financial Card Fraud, and now animal abandonment. Looks like she posted her hero status, just forgot to mention a few things.
        We can see why a vet would be upset in losing all that rescue cash, ouch.
        Vet people have no idea where animals went but, because some donation funds were spent, she’s great.
        So, where are the sanctuary cats at? Lawyer says shhh.
        Why aren’t all the cat fosters posting, 1000 cats? Sure.
        Where are records? Stolen! Convenient.
        Who was the rescue you gave abandoned to? Lawyer says shh.
        Will not answer ligitimate questions. Lawyer says shh.

        Well, you can spew you’re a hero but refuse to answer questions. And you ask why people think you’re a fraud?

        For the safety of animals you and your Dada have been arrested and banned from “saving” animals. Speaks volumes if a shelter would kill them rather than give them to you, doesn’t it?

        Too many rescues scream how great they are, and low and behold, in the end so many accept a plea deal.

        Time will tell. You go to trial, I see nobody buying the “records were stolen” load. I’m betting police will get to the bottom of the “break in”.

        Under 501 c3, all financial records must be retained. They are your problem. They will blanket every account, fundraiser account, etc. Then the state kicks in, their turn.

      2. Please refrain from libeling me on the internet. You have no idea what I have done for rescue groups and how much I do for free to help animals, for this group and others.

      3. “Speaks volumes if a shelter would kill them rather than give them to you, doesn’t it?”

        Actually, no.

        Many shelters would rather kill than work with rescuers. Or volunteers. Or adopters. Or anything, really.

        My shelter, for example, *preferred* to stuff cats into the gas chamber. That was their primary method of handling cats. And they FOUGHT to keep it that way (and fought to have zero hold period so they could do it the moment a cat came in and refused to so much as take a photo of a stray cat on intake). They LIKED it that way. They were doing a public service, in their minds. It was quite the battle for me to stop the practice.

        So don’t tell me that shelters “don’t want to kill”. Some do.

  12. Her rescue also offered discounted adoptions specials at the shelter for any private adopters on a couple of different occasions. She did something the shelter itself would not do. There is no way she was making any money off of cats….opening an adoption center(rent, utilities, renovations, supplies), basic vetting, feeding, transporting and all the other things that go along with rescue. I don’t know of any rescue that doesn’t depend on donations to operate. Many big rescues give away cats all the time. They call them adoptions specials, free….the majority of these cats had no chance at any kind of life. I can attest to dealing with this rescue and have 5 of these “feral” barn kitties that are loving life and Have been vetted and are being loved and cared for because she gave them a chance.

  13. I just found this comment that someone had posted about Jen and her rescue:
    This group slung eight cats (not spayed or neutered) at one time onto a *known* Tampa Bay hoarder … no home check, met the hoarder in the Ocala area. Transported those cats across state lines without health certificates, too. I have also seen posts of Jen posting fake adoption pictures. This is not cyberbullying, these are facts. I only saw the picture of the one Jen posted and the one that was posted from 2012 from a well known website. So if her adoptions are real, than why does she need to do that?

  14. Do you know that You have to have a health cert to drive your own animal across state lines? Are you guilty of the same?

    I cannot speak on any other allegations, however, I find it so interesting people can dig up all this stuff and could better use their time networking pets who need homes.

  15. I’m glad to know everything posted on Facebook is the truth….let me see what I can post….does that mean it’s true?

  16. The person who posted the pic has also liked a death wish comment concerning the local AC staff got reported to the police and then stated she liked the post by mistake, without fully reading the comment….isn’t it possible that the picture posted along with other adoption pictures may have been possibly stored on her phone and while posting pictures it was accidentally included with her own adoptions photos. Of course, she couldn’t be human and make a mistake like other humans because people so want her to be doing something wrong because she was doing something no one else would step up and do.

    1. There was more than once that it was done. It was also removed after the person mentioned it to them. I am sorry there are just too many things that don’t add up to me. No i do not believe everything i read but i have heard other things from inside sources so you guys can joke all you want. Maybe Jen has not included you in on her scheming and you may never know the real truth and that is fine, but i am only trying to do what is best for the animals. I also believe hearing if my memory serves me correctly that you cannot put a feral cat in a managed cat colony. But you guys keep on joking about being supermodels and millionaires. Hahaha! Oh and yes Jen is a superhero because she has “saved” all these cats. I am sorry but i just don’t buy it.

      1. “you cannot put a feral cat in a managed cat colony”

        I see. So what kind of cats would live in a managed colony? And where would one put feral cats?

  17. I won’t hold my breath waiting on all the “concerned ” people to do anything to save the unwanted cats at AC.

  18. Doctor, it’s great that you are assisting with spay/neuter, vacs, surgeries, etc. for these cats, but I think what is not being answered is, “Where are all the cats?” Do the numbers match between how many have been pulled from the pound and how many have been adopted? And yes, people have given money toward the care of these cats, but it’s not just about money, it’s about lives.

    1. Mary and McKenna, does either of you have first-hand, objective information about any wrong-doing? Or are you just parroting accusations you heard somewhere or read on Facebook? And McKenna, I also have inside sources. Evidently my inside sources and your inside sources have different information. It is my preference to avoid participation in the lighting of the bonfires and the sharpening of the stakes until there is empirical evidence available, but y’all go on ahead and ready that firing squad. Meanwhile, I gotta go with Johnny Depp to spend my Powerball winnings. Au revoir.

  19. Ok you newcomers have cast your aspersions and posed your questions more than once. You’ve had your say now be respectful and lay off. You are upset that a bunch of cats were pulled off the kill list and vetted bc you haven’t reviewed individual records on all of them. At least that is what I’m getting here. I’m not sure any rescue could meet your standards but whatever. Don’t blow up this blog with your crusade. One time warning.

    1. Shirley you are too kind. They don’t really care that much about the cats, or they also would be known at the shelter and by the rescue community for their tireless work on behalf of the abandoned, homeless cats. They are upset only about their foot-stomping and tantrum-throwing being ignored, because after all “she does owe a response!” and “she is required to provide the information to anyone that ask (sic) to see it!” LOL

  20. I knew you all work with Jen. You keep mentioning a Shirley. I dont see any Shirley on this page. How would you know YesBiscuit is Shirley unless you were friends. I rest my case Jen’s friend has written this article.

    1. OMG. McKenna,Try to comprehend this: I have worked in rescue a long time. I “know” a lot of people that I don’t know. I don’t know Shirley, and I don’t even “know” her. I have never laid eyes on Shirley except her photo on the blog. I am not her friend on FB. I don’t even know her last name. I have never met Jen and I am not her friend on FB either. I have been posting on this blog for a while. There are lots, and lots and lots, of blog posts and many posts by many people. At some point in the distant past, someone referred to the owner of the blog as Shirley. Ever since then, I have called her Shirley. She never corrected me so it was and is my assumption that her name is indeed Shirley. She calls me nothing, even though she knows my real name (because it’s also my email address). I know that seems complicated, but really, it isn’t.

  21. I have been instructed by my Lawyer to NOT provide Anything To Anyone other that her phone # and email. #1
    But I have a few questions of my own..
    First of all why would I believe it and care for leg amputation, eye removals , full vaccinations and spay/neuter if my intention was not to make sure that that animal got to a home or place where it can be properly cared for… why would I waste my time which usually added to about 16 hours a day back and forth to Concord and all over the state and others transporting cats, if I did not care about their well being???
    No I in fact do not owe anyone any explanation to anything, with the exception of the authorities which I am providing with any and everything they need through the guidance of my lawyer.
    #2 why would I spend four months tirelessly working on a facility to provide a safe and loving place for those babies to be to be able to find good and loving homes, and then the deface it so obscenely! I’ve heard so many times already she just wants to collect the insurance!! LOL, well news flash, I…. don’t have any!!!
    And already Marianna is probably going to get me.. so I’m going to hush now but I would like to thank everyone who actually does know me and others whose passions for saving lives coincide with my own, for your Kind words!

  22. Well Ladies, hi Dr Mejia :) since your the only one here I know in any way! I see I am once again the Topic of conversation this evening!! Nothing knew there these days. However, AKA McKenna, since that’s not your REAL name, would you like to comment as Your Real self? It’s you who are hiding the truth, youre not even using Your real name.. so, the question is, what is it your hiding from??

  23. Since this trashing has started, we have not only lost Jen, but many other rescuers. And why? Because of anonymous calls to the shelters and now they will not let ANYONE rescue. The good rescue world in NC has crumbled because of a few rubber necking gossiping trashing nosy people in Florida and California that get their rocks off on gossip. How do I know? Because Terri Wolfe included me on her private threads, and others did too. Not one of these people have ever made an effort to visit the adoption center. So now the cats wait for the dreaded day that they get the needle. Many already have and more will die tomorrow, Thank you

    1. I have 2 cats i adopted from n c thank you very much,….. know it all ….. reality… know nothing

  24. Cindy, you are absolutely correct and it is more than a crime that this has happened. Terrorism all over the world is thwarting the efforts of good, decent people. And what is being done by a few fanatics and their spineless followers is nothing less than terrorism to me. Note to all those so-called “animal lovers”…YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS.

  25. well I think she should be arrested for being a “cat slinger” LOL Thank you to her vet for helping animals that would be killed. and who cares where the cats went.. one thing we do know.. they did not go to a kill room and end up in a dumpster

  26. As to what happened to the animals I don’t know but I can tell you this. Because of all the people that sit on their high horse passing judgement on what is and isn’t acceptable I and other rescuers have protected with our lives those who are willing to foster for us. They may live in area’s or homes where you can not have more than X number of animals and so we are not going to name them. Of course those of you sitting on your high horse wouldn’t know that because YOU DO NOT HELP ONE BIT.

    And it is untrue about need certificates to leave NC. NC does not have that law. You have to look into the laws of the states the animals are going IN to. For instance NJ only requires up to date on vaccines. Maryland is very strict. But I digress..

    1. Exactly. Which is why my name is not here. I won’t make myself or my fosters vulnerable to these hysterics who think they know all there is to know when in reality they simply make up stories and spread rumors.

  27. I’ve been hearing for months that Jen Frasier is “another Julianne Westberry.” No, she isn’t. I knew Julianne Westberry, Julianne Westberrry set the shit standard for monsters. And here’s good old Patty Bishop pointing her finger and pronouncing, “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS.” What deaths? No deaths have been alleged, much less proved, so what are you talking about, Patty? Do share YOUR inside info.

  28. In my NC county, there is a 501c3 “animal welfare” organization that opposes rescue efforts. Members of the organization even started a FB page to attack rescue efforts (here ya go; try to stay awake Rescue has prevailed and will continue to do so, because without rescue about 90% of the shelter animals would be killed. That is no exaggeration. Rescue saves 90% of the animals in the shelter here. Those who would like to control the shelter have regrouped to try to find another way to attack. Meanwhile, because of good folks like some of these posting in this blog, cat rescues have been kneecapped and this week, cats in my shelter will die. And guess what, Patty et al? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS.YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS.YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS.YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS.YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE DEATHS. So GFY.

  29. I truly think the last 2 comments are misunderstanding what Patty Bishop said. She is saying that those who have made these attacks & caused shelters to freeze pulling by rescues are responsible for the deaths by euthanasia that result because the animals weren’t able to be pulled. Do we disagree about that? I think that’s what Susan herself is saying. Or am I the one who misunderstands?

  30. I have received 2 cats from Jen. I didnt pay for them. She paid to have them spayed and Microchipped and only asked that they be given a good home. Both cats were on the kill list at Rowan. SHE ASKED FOR NO MONEY.

  31. The only records a 501(c)(3) organization is required to keep are financial records. The only document the public is allowed to see is the Form 1090, which contains financial information. The pertinent question here is whether the records that were stolen had already been used to file the Form 1090; if so, then there’s not a pressing need to get them back; she would only need them if she were being audited. If she hasn’t yet used them to file her Form 1090, then there are ways to reconstruct the information using credit card data. The cats have presumably been given to other rescue groups, are in foster homes, or have been adopted out. It would be possible to recover all this information by going back through email correspondence and telephone records, and Jen is probably doing this now that she has so much available time because she can’t rescue cats. But she’s most likely going to use the recovered information at her trial, and she and her lawyer aren’t allowed to speak about it because it’s part of an ongoing investigation.

  32. I don’t know Jennifer Frasier or any of the people who have commented here (aside from my regular commenters) but I certainly have an impression of those attacking Ms. Frasier after reading your comments: you are an ugly, mean-spirited lot.

  33. Oh so many are not enlightened to the plight of a rescuer when huge numbers need to be saved. Most one women shows are busy for days and hours into the night WITHOUT HELP reaching out to and begging other individuals and rescues to please help foster, rescue adopt whoever they can. Then comes pull time and transport time and its all a mad rush. And these are rural area’s where there is a severe lack of help in way shape or form. So truly, the rescuer has already vetted their rescues and to be honest is not busy concerning themselves with a paper trail for healthy CATS (that most don’t give a damn about) going to a rescue. The business here is saving lives to beat the injection! And many rescues wish to remain anonymous where cats are concerned. This call must be made by the rescuer. And if there is suspicion there than ask questions.

    Also, if someone is spending tons of money on vetting and the vet is good enough (which is also rare by the way) to testify to that then in what logic is anyone thinking this same person has neglected or done any hard to these animals without PROOF?

    As far as TNR is concerned, yes, getting them spayed/neutered and returned to a colony is exactly what its all about. Most spay/neuter clinics do over 100 daily! Some are indeed not feral and can be adopted. Maybe they aren’t feral but nobody is available to adopt them so they are returned to their colony or a safe colony. Its better than death. And this vet did not have to speak up on her behalf. If she were a money grubbing vet as has been accused of she could have just withheld comment. Sometimes you need to use some sense before you make judgments or assumptions.

    Last, have you not noticed that there is a serious lack of caring about the plight of a cat? I could go on and on and on but its doubtful it would lead to a conversation which would be nice but rather a mud slinging for which I have no interest.

  34. LR absolutely correct on all points.
    What happened to Mary and McKenna? No way to back up their bullshit?

  35. If you want to mention lack of caring about the kittens in question, you should probably mention that Rowan Co gave them back to Craig Gordon no questions asked. The Iredell Co ACO standing there asked them if they were sure and they were. No investigation done on the person/people being charged with 13 counts of animal abandonment. Nothing. Just here are your cats. In most cases, the people commenting here would be furious if animals were given back to people being charged with abandoning them in the first place without so much as a few questions at the least. People would also be furious if those same people were allowed to continue to get more with a pending court date.

  36. these are convicted felons , more than once, were pulling more cats than any shelter or rescue could ever place, according to craig gordon carolina sanctuary and rescue the cats were being dumped on land they own in tenn, and the outer banks, no one living there, vacant land, tnr does NOT work that way, while frasier and gordon living the good life on thousands of dollars in pledge money meant for these poor cats. they have not been able to account for the cats or the money, get the facts, go to horry co s. c. and check jen gordon frasier history, and nc also. the latest high dollar scam is get that c 3 which anyone can get , and collect the death row animals which are marketed through facebook pleading for pledges to pay a “rescue” to rescue, if the pledges get around 150 bucks they start watching, if they reach 300 the rescues foam at the mouth $$ in their brain racing to get them out. Very few legit rescues around. check them out BEFORE you pay, track the animal, ask for vet records, and check on pet until final adoption.

    1. Terri you are a bloodthirsty piece of work. You are after as many people as you can line up in your sights. “Living the good life?” You’ve been to their homes to see this, I presume? (Oh, of course not.) You’ve seen their luxury cars? (Uh, no.) The designer clothing? (Mmmmm …. ) You act like you’re the rescue police but really you’re just the little girl who cried wolf. So to speak. “Very few legit rescues around?” You are really full of shit, aren’t you?

  37. She & Mr. Gordon went to court Feb. 1 but cases were continued to early March (normal practice — very rare for cases to be disposed on first setting unless guilty plea).

  38. Very happy to announce that charge of animal abandonment against Jennifer Frasier was dismissed today after pretrial conference with DA. Didn’t represent her father but understand his charge was later dismissed as well. These people went through hell & now a new chapter is beginning. Am trying to be positive & I do believe a new field of animal rescue law is beginning — not as dramatic as legal personhood for primates or lab animal rights but still tremendously important.`

  39. The charges were dropped because their was no paperwork to prove the case either way. As the evidence was stolen very conveniently during a break in. Their previous arrest records speak for themselves

    1. Bob, bob, bob. Had there been any evidence, it would not have been stored in a place that it could be “stolen very conveniently.” It would have been in the hands of law enforcement. That’s how the criminal justice system works (or doesn’t). The prosecutors don’t leave the evidence in the hands of the accused. And their previous arrests say not one thing about these charges, just like all your previous stupids don’t speak for this one. And btw, nice fake name. Do you know that you have a similarly credible university?

  40. I don’t understand what the problem is? Her vet said she has spent thousands on cats. How is this an abuser? Where is the get rich scheme here? Enlighten me.

  41. over 2,000 cats and thousands upon thousands of dollars in pledge money, poof vanished, by a convicted felon of fraud, armed robbery, grand theft, on and on, convicted felons are not permitted to obtain license to rescue or to own a shelter, add another fraud charge to her and she was closed by dept of ag in nc, never to be in rescue business again, but she was invited back to rowen and they let her pull again, while she was awaiting trial her mother pulled for her. you enablers need to get your head out of your ass.

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