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  1. New Jersey is trying to pass a law that would only allow people on government assistance to access low cost services through shelters. This would have serious implications for independent rescues, and trap neuter release groups as well as people who take in animals on their own to rehome and people who are low income but not on assistance.


    1. Clarice, is there any organized resistance to this outrageous bill that you know of? I’d like to be able to share on social media and point to groups +/or individuals who are fighting it. I see one individual on Joseph Vitale’s FB page objecting to the bill, but she doesn’t appear affiliated with a group I could refer to.

      I’d also be curious to know how this came about, if you know — what could possibly be the motivation for it.

      1. The Humane Society of Ocean City has spoken out against this bill. The latest news on the bill is on their fb page. Let’s hope this does happen on Jan 21st.

        State Senator Lesniak has confirmed that Senator Vitale will withdraw S-297 on Monday Jan 21st (next time the Senate meets) with Kevin Moore of the NJ Association of Non/Profits Spay and Neuter providers.

    2. As I thought about it, I realized that NJ veterinarians must be behind this. Likely it’s a twist on what was done in — was it Alabama? — where an offshoot of the state veterinarians’ association tried to have low-cost veterinary clinics shut down. I wonder if there will be a wave of attempts like this in states across the country.

  2. Any tips on finding a home for a FIV positive cat in New Jersey? A sweet little intact boy showed up in my yard two weeks ago. He’s since been vaccinated and neutered and is currently hanging out in my spare bedroom, but unfortunately I can’t keep him. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Last time I had to find a home for a cat with FIV it took close to four months.

  3. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-orange-county-rabies-dog-speck-20160114-story.html

    A dog was found in a dumpster with a dead raccoon. After being in with the general population for almost an entire hold period (a full week at OCAS) being handled by everyone who walked up, Dil Luther decided Speck was a risk and euthanized for rabies testing. A local rescue pleaded to take speck and isolate for the full six months Luther claimed Speck needed, but he just had to get that rabies test NOW.

    They refuse to say if they even collected the dead raccoon or why testing it wouldn’t suffice. Luther also claims no humans or other dogs were exposed to rabies (despite their own posting of the dog showing someone got close enough to test for HW). Yet, Speck HAD to be isolated for six months vs. the ten days required for actual bite cases.

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