Louisiana Pound Employees Under Investigation by Police

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating allegations of wrongdoing by the director and three other employees of the Ouachita Parish pound in LA. The facility falls under the Ouachita Parish Police Jury:

Scotty Robinson, Police Jury President, says, “we had someone within the animal shelter come in and raise some concerns.”
Concerns surrounding allegations the director and other employees were using an inmate who had trustee status to work on their private projects, projects that the police jury’s attorney says are not allowed.
Jay Mitchell, OPPJ Attorney, says, “…constructed a barbeque grill…and also did some welding on some trailers Uh private trailers that were apparently may have been used sometimes in animal control work, But they were not owned by the parish.”

All four of the employees reportedly resigned rather than face termination by the parish.

In 2014, the pound killed approximately 63% of the animals in its care.  The only other online statistics I could find were from 2011 when the pound killed 60% of its dogs and 85% of its cats, according to a local volunteer group.  The group has a page detailing the thousands of pets needlessly killed each year at the pound along with all the standard excuses about how there aren’t enough homes, they “have to” kill every single day of the year, the irresponsible public blows, killing isn’t as much fun as it should be and smack in the middle, in boldface, is this:

ouachita parish enablers
Screengrab from a PAWS of NE LA webpage.


So apparently this institutionalized killing for convenience has been going on for years, maybe since the pound’s inception, I don’t know, and it’s a total package complete with a band of enablers.  The director and staff don’t do their jobs to shelter animals but kill them instead while the volunteers stand ready to defend the killing and blame the public.  Maybe no one has ever done their jobs at this place, I don’t know.

But recently, “someone within the animal shelter” was moved to take action.  Not because the place is an epic fail and the bodies are really starting to pile up, not because there are proven alternatives which could be put into place to save the animals but continue to be ignored in favor of daily kill-fests – but because somebody got a grill built by an inmate.  And there was WELDING.

Enough is enough, you know?  I mean killing animals hand over fist every day of the year instead of doing our jobs is one thing but getting a grill made and having welding on some trailers Uh private trailers that were apparently may have been used sometimes in animal control work, But they were not owned by the parish – well that’s just objectionable.  There comes a time in every man’s life when he’s got to take a stand and this is that time.

But do not fear, the mission endures:

[A]lthough down four employees, Robinson says it hasn’t seriously affected the shelter.
“Our treasurer office has kind of taking over the day to day operations as far as the financial and the money and things that go on.”

Things that go on. I dread to think.

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6 thoughts on “Louisiana Pound Employees Under Investigation by Police

  1. I am in favor of using any and every legal means to rid our shelters of killers. Sometimes you have to use what you can prove, even though it is not the only issue.

    1. Mary I agree with you and if this case in any way reminded me of Al Capone getting put away for income tax evasion, I’d be doing cartwheels. But it looks to me like someone got pissed off over parish swag and tattled in order to further a personal agenda entirely unrelated to animals. I am willing to bet the next 4 employees they get in there will maintain the status quo (though I’d be delighted to pay up if I am proven wrong on that).

  2. I’m sure they resigned because they didn’t want anyone looking any further into other shenanigans going on there.

    And…they’re down FOUR employees, but it’s not really affecting operations? Doesn’t that … tell anyone anything? Like maybe they weren’t doing jack shit to begin with??? Like maybe someone needs to take a good, hard look at the place and ask some serious questions about what goes on there day to day (besides the wholesale slaughter of pets, which everyone is apparently okey dokey with because it’s totally not their fault)?

    If I were in charge, I would start audit proceedings. Money. Time. Results. What goes in, what comes out. Of course, then I could probably start pressing criminal charges, too because you can bet your boots these people were doing all manner of stuff that they should not have been doing… we DO know that they weren’t working to save lives or anything frivolous like that.

    1. Oh this was prolly the one and only thing anyone there ever did that was ever so slightly in a grey area. And even if it wasn’t, THE SHELTER IS NOT TO BLAME!

      1. Right, if the irresponsible public would step up and donate a few barbecue grills and do some welding, none of this would have happened! When are you people going to realize that there just aren’t enough grills for everyone?

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