Treats on the Internets

Shame on the Smoky Mountain News for repeating the biggest animal welfare myth in the south while reporting on the shelter situation in Jackson Co, NC:

In [northern] states with strict spay and neuter laws, there are fewer puppies and unclaimed animals in general, so the demand for animals is higher.

The latest in the continuing saga of scientific research into the origin of dogs: They invented themselves.

Pets appear to be growing in popularity with Iranians who consider them family, despite disapproval from conservative religious figures.

Cat ownership is on the rise in Japan while dog ownership is in decline.  They are roughly equal right now with cats expected to move into the top spot soon.

If you didn’t receive the Russian Orthodox cat cuddling priest calendar you were hoping for at Christmas, maybe you can buy this one.  (Thanks Karen.)

Why does a team of volunteers in OR help frogs cross the road?  Because they can.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Rat training ability: Excellent.  Building tiny equipment to train rats on ability:  Very excellent.  (Thanks Valerie.)

6 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

    1. Yeah it makes me feel pretty puny for only teaching Jade the one “run away from me as fast as you can and jump the fence while ignoring my yelling face” trick.

  1. The rats! That’s fantastic and yeah, my dogs should be that good. To be fair they have retrieved my husbands wallet once, unfortunately they ate it, along with money and cards.
    Perhaps there are rats in my future.

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