Lost Pets in Michigan Lose State Protection

The distressingly bad and wealthy Michigan InHumane has been trying for years to get legislation changed to reduce and eliminate mandatory holding periods for lost pets in shelters.  (And when MHS hasn’t gotten its way, it just blatantly ignores the law.)  Its current proposed bill is terrible.

mi hb4915
Portion of terrible HB 4915 in Michigan.

Unfortunately, the state department of agriculture recently caved on the issue and announced it will no longer enforce the law regarding mandatory holding periods in shelters.

Meanwhile, Michigan rescue groups continue to import shelter pets from the south, citing “no pressing need” to help locally.

If you are a Michigan resident, please take action to protect lost pets from being abandoned or killed by your local shelter before their owners have a chance to find them.

(Thanks Clarice.)

4 thoughts on “Lost Pets in Michigan Lose State Protection

  1. “… state department of agriculture recently caved on the issue…” As regards animals: USDA = United States Department of Assholes!

  2. I find it incredibly interesting that Matthew Pepper (formerly MAS) is the director now who has pushed this atrocity through. Just another excuse to kill more animals, all the while claiming to have a high save rate and collect millions of dollars from vulnerable people. Between this and the Flint water debacle, the state of Michigan is sliding into third world status. Our local animal control is currently moving back from ac and shelter to functioning as animal control only. I’m ashamed to be from Michigan right now.

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