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    1. Just my $.02. I think sharing and networking is important, but to be useful it needs to be..targeted, for lack of a better word. A smart bomb instead of a shotgun blast. Yes I know that it is possible for someone in Alaska to adopt a dog in Florida that they saw on fb. But as a rescuer, I’m trying to help dogs within a fairly small radius, and when someone tags me on a dog that’s 3 states away, it just becomes clutter. It’s kind of like no one knows how to use an atlas anymore.

      1. I tag for specific breeds and I always look for rescues that are close or one of their rescue partners. If it is a breed rescue I’m looking for, I usually email the group that handles that section of the country. One person I know is in the UK and she tags rescues across the country. It is a full time occupation for her and she has no idea of US geography.

  1. At the Parrot Festival in Houston TX… NPRPF (National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation).

    Lots of rehome/rehab and rescue groups here… pet owners as well as breeders. All working together as a ream…


  2. A dog “came out of nowhere” today and joined the Final Four militants at the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon:


    The live feed you see was created by David Fry, one of the Final Four.

    (And yes, the militants have been broadcasting a live feed intermittently during what everyone hopes are the final days of the occupation. Let’s just say Twitter has had a field day. To follow along, see #Oregonstandoff.)

    Fry explains what he and his fellow militants did when the dog appeared.

    Two of the other militants, Sean and Sandy Anderson, are believed to have their own two dogs at the refuge, a Beagle and a black Lab: http://www.oregonlive.com/oregon-standoff/2016/01/live_from_inside_the_occupation.html#incart_story_package.

    Video of the Beagle and the Lab in a kennel, at the refuge, was shown at the very end of of one of the live feeds several days ago, but that particular segment has been taken down, or at least I haven’t relocated it yet. A local rescuer told me she would reach out to the county sheriff, who has been prominent in news coverage, so that he could speak with the FBI (the lead LE agency) and minimize the chances that the dogs would get shot when authorities physically enter the refuge.

    Currently, LEOs are at a close-in perimeter, i.e., near the refuge but not in it, and they are taking this final stage slowly and carefully. After the shooting death of one of the militants on Tuesday, nobody wants to see more bloodshed, but the husband of the dog-owning couple has a very concerning record, so there’s no certainty that violence can be avoided: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3424211/Oregon-militiaman-armed-standoff-FBI-abusive-radical-string-drug-alcohol-convictions-willing-die-beliefs.html. (The Beagle, or at least a Beagle, is shown in one of the pics in this story.)

      1. Do you see an adorbs Boston Terrier? If so, click on him. If not, you may be reading comments via email and possibly the link doesn’t show up there. You can always visit the blog to see what you are missing!

  3. OK, I’m not sure if I can get behind the hate being spewed on this animal shelter director for buying a bred dog … I mean there might be a lot of other reasons to want her gone (I really don’t know), but buying a bred dog should not be one of them: http://www.wtae.com/news/western-pa-humane-society-director-on-leave-amid-collie-controversy/37787450

    I really wish people would stop misplacing the blame for animal shelter killing on people who buy pets.

    1. Oh, and also … isn’t PA in The Magical Northern Wonderland, where they never kill pets and therefore must truck them in from The Dirty South?

    2. If she’s killing animals for convenience instead of doing her job, replace her for THAT. Buying a dog is a distraction – and a harmful one since it perpetuates wrong thinking.

  4. NJ considering law that would repeal consumer protections on purchased pets, outlaw the sale of cats/dogs unless the transaction is done face to face, and, incidently, outlaw selling cats/dogs in petsores.

    The only part I like is the outlawing of selling cats and dogs in petstores. If this law passes and you live in NJ you’d better hope you never want a purebred pup/kitten in a rare breed or line again!


  5. Nathan Winograd has a new post on his blog ‘In Defense of Keyboard Advocates’ –

    … The 17th and 18th century Europeans had their coffee houses, the colonists and early Americans had their taverns, we have Facebook. This is where we come to talk, debate, discuss, learn, and then go do.

    But that is not what these people want. They simply want to dismiss anything they disagree with by demonizing people as “keyboard advocates” because they prefer to stay within the safety of platitudes….

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