Treats on the Internets

The director of the long-troubled Maricopa Co pound in AZ is quitting his job on Friday.  Some shelter watchdogs believe the resignation is in response to the latest controversy plaguing the director:  a 22 year old lost dog who was killed upon impound and whose owner came in minutes later to reclaim her beloved pet.  (Thanks Claudia and Clarice for the link.)

A man who has multiple prior convictions for disorderly conduct has again been charged with disorderly conduct along with animal cruelty after he was seen on surveillance cameras choking and throwing a dog at the IL animal shelter where he was performing community service.

Golden Retrievers were recently imported from Puerto Rico to Chicago and from Istanbul to Tennessee.  Last I heard, both Chicago and Tennessee were still killing for convenience because you know, too many dogs, not enough homes – except ASTERISK too many homes, not enough Golden Retrievers, apparently.  (Thanks Ona.)

Anderson Co, SC – The owner of a 2 year old female Boxer who was found starved and shot in the head multiple times will not face any charges.  The owner, whose identity is being protected by authorities, reportedly explained that the dog had bitten his wife so he decided to shoot her.  The dog, now in the care of a rescue group, is blind from her injuries.

Photographer captures the precious bond between homeless children in Bangladesh and their dogs.  (Thanks Billy.)

Juvenile apes in Rwanda find and destroy traps set by poachers.  (Thanks Valerie.)

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