I Deleted Almost All the Profanity From This Post and It Took Me an Hour

A now former ACO with Indianapolis AC & C allegedly stole ketamine, a drug which immobilizes animals but still allows them to feel pain, from her job and used it on puppies at her house.  Specifically, she would allegedly inject a puppy with ketamine, place him on her washing machine, tape his mouth shut so he couldn’t defend himself, then cut up his ears.  One of these puppies reportedly threw up after having his first ear cut up and because his mouth was taped shut, choked to death on his vomit.  She allegedly tried to hide the evidence:

Ashley Chastain, a commander with animal control at the time, then buried the body of the 2-month-old puppy in her backyard, the affidavit says.

Someone who knows Chastain apparently went to the police, providing them with photos of bloodied puppies on the uh, washing machine surgical suite. He also gave police a bag of ears.

Well fuck. After all the horrifying things I’ve had to write on this blog now I’ve got to add bag of ears to the list.

Chastain has been charged by Marion Co with three counts of torturing an animal. News of her arrest spread on social media and one heartbroken man says he recognized her as the ACO who stole his puppy.

But let’s not be part of the problem by complaining with our keyboards.  Remember, it’s a hard job and nobody wants to kill animals and they’re doing the best they can and instead of hating you should donate some money so the shelter can buy more ketamine.  I hear they’re running low.

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22 thoughts on “I Deleted Almost All the Profanity From This Post and It Took Me an Hour

  1. I read about this CASE and PERP last evening. I’ve been trying to not vomit ever since. My heart has a serious pain in it now. I’ve hugged and kissed on my own canine babies extra amounts since then too–though I will confess: there’s never, ever a shortage of physical affection in my home.

    One of my little rescues, my last, came from that very place–but, TG, that was 4 years ago. She was the last baby my DH and I added to our “furever home” family of rescues.

    Anyway, I want this sick-ass, psycho, sadistic witch to suffer the exact physical pain and deformations she dolled-out, case by case, victim by victim. If she dies while experiencing this, so much the better; maybe she’ll aspirate! And, once her ears are gone, we’ll just have to continue on into her head until all the flesh and pain is equal to that of her precious, sacred, wonderful victims.

    In total honesty, I want he to ultimately be unable to breathe our air.

  2. Where do these. .. creatures. .. (not people…they’re NOT) come from????

    This truly made me ill… I have raised cropped breeds (dobermans) and this is NOT how it’s done…

    I hope they lock her in the deepest, darkest most disgusting hole they can find and throw away the key…

  3. You did a great job. I can’t believe there’s only one “fuck” in this post. Because this is some seriously fucked up shit. I can’t even enumerate all the ways in which this is fucked up and wrong. Stolen ketamine? A washing machine used as a surgical table? A bloody pee pad for recovery? A FUCKING BAG OF FUCKING EARS?

  4. This same group of sickos are the ones holding the Upton GSD’s for ransom. They took his dogs from his training facility that had been running for thirty yes THIRTY years with ZERO violation and have been holding them at the cost to Mr Upton of 6K per month two females gave birth while incarcerated and several of the puppies died due to lack of care and knowledge. It is not surprising that they are trying to defect this story by showing they are “doing a good job: the person in charge of the debacle swore she would increase the “absue charges’ when she took the job.. looks like they should have looked to their own

  5. What the fuckety fuckety fuck fuck fuck??? I actually burst into fucking tears while reading about this fuckhead. Sigh. What is WRONG with some people? A bag of EARS???

  6. BUT, I thought that everyone who goes into these jobs does it because they LOVE animals! Isn’t that what they say?

    How long before further investigations reveal that she’s involved in dog fighting rings, too?

    I really, really hope that they’re auditing the entire place because if this was going on under their noses, there was more horror happening there, too. And I will put money on someone knowing what kind of sadistic monster this woman is and they did nothing to stop her.

    Fire them all. Then burn the place down and start over.

  7. Whose vet license was the controlled drug ordered under?

    What she did was wrong, wrong, wrong. For a lot of reasons, but for one, WRONG dose of Ketamine. From personal experience with surgery, the right dose of Ketamine will keep you from feeling pain. I am allergic to the carriers used in other anesthesia, so Ketamine was used when the nerve block failed to keep me from feeling the surgeon manipulating things.

    Ketamine will also make you vomit like no tomorrow, and causes extreme anxiety, to put it mildly, which is why it is not used alone for animal surgery, and only used in specific cases in humans.

    I am really hoping that the dose used was effective, but this individual is inept and horrible, so instead I’m going to hope for an actual jail sentence for controlled drug possession.

  8. This is one sadistic bitch and I agree that she is likely involved in much more than chopping up puppies on her washing machine. Dear God, will this never end?

  9. It’s people like that who make me wish I believed in hell. As it is I can only hope for justice in this life for her victims.

  10. I have been trying to find the video on this website somewhere of a woman singing to her dog- I think it was a free pet and the joke was that it was a ‘shocking video of how people treat free animals’? Not sure. Anyone know what it would be under? I’ve been searching ‘free dog’, ‘singing’, in various combinations, but no joy.

  11. There is no need for people to use abusive language. The abuse is on the page,it’s what happened to this poor animal. The sick cruelty needs to stop and this dog needs and deserves justice.Please don’t keep quiet.

    1. I disagree. I think there is a need. Think of them as sentence enhancers or really big exclaimation points.

  12. When you use abusive language, it is for attention and that makes it about you and not the desperate animal! It is very disconcerting to many people who may be on here to help animals and not for attention.

    1. “When you use abusive language, it is for attention” This is your own personal made-up bullshit assumption. Do you make up nonsense for attention?

  13. That Chastain b*tch needs to have her ears cut off and her a$$ thrown into a prison cell.. If my language offends, I give not one, much less two, sh*t(s). Anyone more offended by angry words, than by cruel and/or deadly actions, needs to get their priorities straight.

  14. The point being is not the language, that’s expressing how one feels. Putting that aside the real answer is why do we need to have designer dogs. Ears cutting, tail docking, just so it looks right. Get that banned first. What this person did was correct as humans want to see dobbies with cut ears and docked tails.A dog should be able to wag its tail, its part of their language, as too are the ears.WE have other dogs that are ‘Whole’, we don’t require them to make a fashion statement. STOP the designer dogs, BAN cropping and docking, then we will stop this barbaric acts from happening. Its illegal here in the UK, but breeders still do it if they know they can get away with it. Set an example, keep on reporting these awful acts, show them that is unethical, then and only then will it stop for good.

    1. No, there’s no way what this person did is “correct.” Even if ear cropping per se were acceptable, it is not acceptable for a person who is not a veterinary professional to perform surgery on animals, nor is it acceptable to do any kind of surgical procedure in a laundry room or to tape a puppy’s mouth shut. Or, you know, to steal ketamine.

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