Just a Note

…to say I haven’t fallen off this flat earth of ours and that I hope to be back to regular blogging very soon.  I’ve attempted to get a post started several times but nothing happens.  I think I just don’t have the stomach for writing about pets being needlessly killed by people who are supposed to be sheltering them right now.

We’ve had to euthanize three beloved family members in the past year and I guess I just need a little break from writing about people who do it for a job, despite the proven, lifesaving alternatives available to them.  If there had been any proven, lifesaving alternatives available to us when we’ve been faced with euthanasia decisions for any of our pets, we would have been all over them.  I find I am grieving for the loss of my own pets and all the others whose lives were snuffed at so-called shelters – pets whose owners wanted them back, pets who were in between owners, pets who had the right to live and love and be loved.

I’ll be back.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe next week.  I will continue to tell the stories of those who deserved so much better than to be put in the dumpster.  I can’t bring them back of course, but I can raise hell about it.  More.

26 thoughts on “Just a Note

  1. Take your time. The cycle of loss of personals and the mourning of those who deserved better is one that can totally wipe out and break a person if they do not take time to heal here and there. Take care of yourself.


  2. You have single-handedly saved more pets than you will ever know. Your writing is speaking for those that have no voice – and starting conversations about topics that can be uncomfortable for those in authority. Conversations that need to happen. I have been changed, and I’ve become more involved in local rescue in part because of YOU. Thank YOU for that.


  3. selfishlyI hope you are back very soon as I share your posts on a regular basis and encourage others to read it too. on the other hand take it easy and heal.. we will miss you but know you will be back better than ever because it is a dirty job but you do it best!


  4. i would stick to shelter that governments allow cruelty, killing and push Constitutional right to stop the killing as tax payers. Good person. You are a very good good smart person. Bless you



  5. Losing a loved pet is hard every couple of years of so but to lose 3 in one year has to be debilitating. I’m so sorry to hear the sad news. What a void.


  6. Take your time. I didn’t and got very sick. A long time ago I read that your brain does a “sit down strike” when you need to rest. We all need to heed that. Sympathy for your losses. Sending you good vibes, you wonderful and funny person.


  7. The harder you work at doing the very emotionally draining work you do (and it IS work), the more you need some ‘downtime’ to recharge your energy. On top of that, the emotional upheavals of personal loss… well, yes, you need a break from as much as you can get away from. Sadly, you probably can’t take a vacation at the drop of a hat, but I hope you can do whatever will help you get back to dealing with the slogging, while delighting in the little, lovely things that happen. Hey, some spring flowers coming up would be smile-worthy….


  8. Take time to grieve, be good to yourself. Come back when you feel you can, we’ll be here and don’t want you to break your heart when you’ve been through so much this year.


  9. I am so sorry for your losses. Take time to grieve. Grief has no timetable so don’t give yourself one. Be gentle with yourself. We who have grieved/grieve understand. Wishing you healing, peace, and solace..


  10. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling at saying good-bye to three pets while learning about the thousands whose lives are shortened by needless killing. Take care of yourself and come back when you are ready. We will be here waiting . . .


  11. I’m sorry for your loss. My cat Alex is declining rapidly as a result of a soft palate tumor. His vet was going to put him down last week after his last surgery but said he didn’t have the heart to.

    So we have him for another day and when I came in from work I held him in my arms and rocked him and reminded him how much I love him. He purred and slept while the tears were running down my face. We call him Al and he’s AWESOME!



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