Be Seeing You, Surrey

Surrey in 2011 (Photo by Terri S.)

Surrey was about to give birth and on the kill list at the pound in Tipton Co, TN when I saw her photo in an email. With the help of area rescuers and several blog readers, we were able to welcome her home in SC in December 2011. She has been a very easy keeper and nearly without fault – just a few high speed tours of the neighborhood on the rare occasion she was able to manage an escape – but that’s not really a fault with beagles so much as a feature.

She has not been feeling well recently, then rallied for a few days, but then took a downward turn.  My vet worked her in as an emergency yesterday and determined her trachea and esophagus were being pushed to the side, likely by tumors.  This was why she was struggling to breathe and having difficulty swallowing.  Her blood work revealed more bad news and after some discussion, we accepted it was time to say goodbye to dear Surrey.

Surrey was the dog who greeted me at the door every day after work with her baying that she reserved for that occasion only.  Her love love love of food food! FOOD! made us kindred spirits.  She never felt entirely comfortable with physical affection though Billy made it his mission to bring her as far as he could, which she clearly enjoyed.  Although she never wanted to sleep on the bed with us, she did like to get into the recliner next to the bed.  I will miss seeing her sweet face there in the mornings.  And I will miss her silly quirks, such as going to the hinged side of the door, scratching, waiting for it to open.  She even did that in the exam room at the vet’s office last night, despite her poor state.

I wish we could have had more time with her but there are no regrets.  We were lucky to have had her these several years and I will always be grateful to everyone who helped make that happen.

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  1. I am so very sorry your beautiful Surrey had to leave you. Thank you for giving her, what were most likely, the best years of her life, filled with love, comfort, and good food.

  2. I am so so sorry for your loss of dear Surrey. I believe her sweet and comic spirit has transcended her earthly body, but you connection is everlasting and your love infinite. What a wonderful gift you were to eachother in this earthly world.

  3. Thank you for your kindness, your strength and sharing your world. I will think of you and Surrey today.

  4. I am very sad to read this news. Surrey was a special girl who was meant to finish her much too short life with you and Billy. No doubt she has only left you in body and her amazing spirit will continue to be with you. Run free angel girl!

  5. Thinking good thoughts for you and Billy and the dogs who loved and were loved by a special dog and made her life so much better.

  6. What a lovely tribute – I’m so sorry you didn’t have more time together. It sounds like you gave her a little bit of heaven here on earth :)

    1. I was about to comment but I couldn’t have said it any better than Loranc here, Except to say Shirley I am so sorry. You surely deserve a break from the heartbreak for a very long time. Hugs to you!

  7. Oh dammit. I’m so sorry.

    From the moment she came out of that shelter, every day for her was a gift. It’s just never enough time, is it?

    You changed her world – radically, wonderfully, completely. You made her family.

  8. Ah, I love the Beagles for their special “features” (howling, roaming, eating, eager to please). They are so endearing. Sorry for your loss.

  9. All of your tributes speak to the individual personality of each pet and this is no exception. What a sweet face and a wonderful girl. I’m sorry her time with you relatively brief but you gave her the best years of her life.

  10. When Buddy became demented at the age of 16+, he would bay promptly every night at @ 2 AM. We loved him anyway. The animal behaviorist said to ignore it but that was rather hard to do. I would get up & feed him, which of course reinforced his behavior. Maybe he wasn’t demented at all! No matter how many animals we have, there really is a special place in our hearts for our beagles. Surrey is nesting there now.

  11. Sweet Surrey. Rest in peace, dear girl. A beloved doggie has a special life. I’m sorry, Shirley, I know it’s so hard to say goodbye.

  12. Everyone here is always so kind when a pet dies and it means a lot to me. Surrey is the 3rd dog we’ve had to put to sleep in the last year. I hope I don’t need to post any more memorials for awhile. I appreciate you.

  13. Very sorry to learn Surrey has left you. It’s been a tuff year for you and Billy. Rest in peace, Surrey.

  14. Soooo very sorry for your loss, Shirley. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a member of our family. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Billy (and your other pups).

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss of Surrey. What a beautiful Beagle. Your statement, “but that’s not really a fault with beagles so much as a feature,” re: to her occasional neighborhood walkabouts is one that resonated with me and the Beagles in my home. My prayers and tears are with you and Billy, Shirley. POV: Surrey is now teasing and baying at God….

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