Never Mind the Presidential Primaries, the Oscars, and Those Other Things – This is Important

Dog that I love.

Last week, a Good Sam saw a little beagle running down the highway in NC. She stopped, opened her car door, and the beagle hopped in. The Good Sam took her home and reported her as found to the county shelter. She kept her at her house for the mandatory holding period except for a trip to the shelter to be scanned for a microchip. Since no chip was found, the dog wasn’t wearing a collar and no one reclaimed her during the holding period, I adopted her.

I drove to NC on Saturday, believing I was picking up an adult dog. As it turns out, she is a puppy. She has all her adult teeth but she is absolutely a puppy. Wall to wall carpeting=wall to wall chew toy. Box of tissues=box of toys. Going potty is something the humans like to take you outside and talk about while you sniff around, waiting to get back indoors so you can actually go potty.

But I’m not complaining. I love her. She is very sweet and very perfect. She uses the house as a race track at 5am. And various other times. She is tiny, weighing just 13 and 1/2 pounds this morning, and Cheerios are the right sized treat for her. We will fatten her up a little though with regular meals of good food, which it looks like she hasn’t been receiving, out on the highway at least.

20160228waf We don’t have many pictures of her yet but this too will be remedied. After extensive discussion, we finally decided on a name: Newt. Did I mention I love her?

Thank you to reader Lisa for working the phones and finding this beagle in need.

Watch this space.

21 thoughts on “Never Mind the Presidential Primaries, the Oscars, and Those Other Things – This is Important

  1. Your joy/happiness came through loud and clear in this post. :) I also LOVE this post. So glad Newt is now a member of your family!

      1. What an awesome namesake — one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite movies! Congrats on Newt’s arrival, she’s adorable!

  2. Hooray for new additions! I’ve always said that the best way to honor the memory of a pet is by rescuing another one.

    If nothing else, she’ll distract you!


  3. You’re right, this IS important :) Congratulations on the new family member. Now we’ll get weekend Jade and weekend Newt updates, yes?

  4. That’s such a wonderful story, and Newt looks like a baby doll.. Give her kisses,
    She will be a handful till training is over, but you can do it, “Happy life now” for her.

  5. Oh, a puppy! Congratulations on adding this cutie to your pack. You know you will have to update us on a regular basis now . . . just the remedy for a broken heart.

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