Former Director Who Killed Shelter Pets “For Fun” Goes to Jail. Let’s Party.

Mary Jo Frazier was allegedly killing animals for personal enjoyment during her 18 years at Boulder City AC in Nevada. Co-workers report she killed animals before the mandatory holding period had expired to keep the shelter empty. And because: yay killing.  She faced a judge this week on animal cruelty charges:

An 8NewsNOW I-Team first reported, an affidavit against Frazier alleges 91 instances of unusual animal deaths at the shelter and more than 1,200 suspicious cases.
“There is no doubt that these actions occurred. We know that because this defendant documented all those euthanasias in a log book,” said prosecutor Amy Ferreira.

Yeah I can picture that.  Sort of a pen and paper version of Jeffrey Dahmer’s refrigerator.

The prosecutor says the statute of limitations for animal cruelty in NV is 3 years so Frazier can not be charged for all of her alleged crimes.

Mary Jo Frazier in court, as shown on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website.

Frazier’s lawyer asked the judge to release his client on her own recognizance but the judge upheld the $50,000 warrant for Frazier’s arrest. The lawyer then asked for bail to be reduced to $6000 but that went over like a lead balloon.  Gee, maybe that whole fleeing the state thing after the police investigation wasn’t such a smart move by Frazier after all.  She was handcuffed and taken to jail.

(Pause for applause.)

Read this. Twice:

Frazier “systematically killed animals that came into the shelter” and “committed the same crime over and over and over again,” Ferreira said. “This is an individual who has engaged in this conduct repeatedly, who was told to stop.”

This is important.  The prosecutor in this case is saying that the systematic killing of shelter animals for convenience is a crime.




Also: other shelter workers killing animals instead of doing their jobs may want to jot that down.

Frazier has pleaded not guilty. Her attorney cites an absence of “criminal intent”.  Uh, lol?

Thank you once again Irresponsible Public for standing up for these animals when no one else would.  See a photo of the troublemakers here.

Today is officially a party day on the blog.  Bust out the sparkling juice and sequins.

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267 thoughts on “Former Director Who Killed Shelter Pets “For Fun” Goes to Jail. Let’s Party.

  1. Um *18 years* wth? Co workers knew? Why did it take so long and how was she ever in this position. ?

    1. Good point… others had to be aware it was going on and should of done something about it a lot sooner.
      I wonder how she got caught…someone must of finally turned her in… it should be made illegal for someone like her to ever own a pet again.

    2. Exactly? It’s like the neighbor who watches the dog tied to a tree knowing his owner has moved and never says a word until the dog is skin and bones and an hour away from death. then they want to pretend they are heroes for calling it in. This B!{(# probably thought she was god and doing these precious dogs a favor by not making them suffer one more minute in this horrible world (that she lived in – in her ritzy house with her exorbitant paycheck)

  2. 81 percent
    Of those, PETA euthanized 2,455, or 81 percent. In some prior years, that rate has risen above 90 percent. Statewide, 210,599 animals wound up in Virginia animal shelters last year, according statistics compiled by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.Mar 12, 2015 Washington Post…PETA calls them mercy killings.

      1. She mentioned PETA because they operate in a similar way: they love to kill animals. They openly state that they want to do away with all pets and pet ownerships. They say that it’s better for the animals to die than to live “in this hell.” Maddeningly, I know exactly where the PETA headquarters are. Every time I drive past it I wish I could destroy it in some way.

  3. 81 percent
    Of those, PETA euthanized 2,455, or 81 percent. In some prior years, that rate has risen above 90 percent. Statewide, 210,599 animals wound up in Virginia animal shelters last year, according statistics compiled by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.Mar 12, 2015 Washington Post…PETA calls them mercy killings.

  4. The name of this FORMER DIRECTOR is MARY JO FRAZIER from NEVADA.


    MARY JO FRAZIER from NEVADA will leave quite the INHERITANCE to all her family… spouse, children, grand-children, broters/sisters, parents… friends.

    Thanks to social media, MARY JO FRAZIER from NEVADA will still be POPULAR 200-300 years from now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT.




    Quite the inheritance, indeed.

  5. If the statute is only 3 years.-She should get 3 years for every year after she was told to stop-in isolation so she could Ilose her *!*!#@ mind (whatever state of normalcy is left of it) …and they should randomly walk her into a death penalty situation, chair, lethal injecton, firing squad, etc.get her all setup-and then say naaa not today – just for the jail’s amusement and it should be done for as many animals as this demon, living disease, viral plague, parasite, animal Hitler from hell, killed. This woman is not human, obviously not playing with 52 and an absolute disgrace to all mankind. She has no conscious, no sympathy and/or empathy and thus has no soul. Whatever they can do to her isn’t going to matter because she can take her mind elsewhere, maybe we should just put her in a cage at an animal shelter..I think that would make her very happy.

    1. Well, living on the other side of the ocean (W. Europe) it’s the first time I read something about this organisation. Now to the point. Abusing animals in such a cruel way is horrific, scaring and disgusting. I agree that her staying in a cage of say 2 x 3 metres at least for 6 months would be the best punishment. Jail time and fines are too easy for such a devil in disguise !!

      1. like ii! I think your way would give her the feeling of what she did to those poor creatures. People may think that we are insane for thinking up such cruel punishments but the horrrific and psychologically sick this that she did makes one want to rucher sitter for the herrendous this she did to those inmocent ame beautiful ammals.,,

  6. Agreed she needs to face more years put away. How can such a person display so much evil. Hope the laws change now.

  7. This woman is mentally ill and it should be illegal for her to own any animal again or even have any contact with animals…I don’t believe once she’s out of jail she’s going to change and will find ways to continue killing. Lepards don’t change spots

  8. 1 thoroughly evil person,,she has murdered tens of thousands of cats n dogs puppies kittens .. nazi like evil…lowest form of evil

  9. If one doesn’t have compassion for animals and want the best for them…. why do we find them in these positions? I would imagine there is a process. For such positions.

  10. lady you are possessed by a bad demon ,,, killing animals for pleasure ,,, how fkn disgusting

  11. What an ugly evil bitch. I hope she is never near an animal again. All those people with lost pets just wondering where their fur baby went to. Stuff of nightmares

  12. I worked at Macomb county Humane society and they killed so many animals even when they had adopters who wanted the animals. This place is a high kill shelter

  13. There should be no statute of limitations for cold-blooded murder of anyone. This psychopath needs consequences for every crime she committed. The laws everywhere are way too lenient. That needs to be changed.

  14. This is not mercy killing ! It’s pre meditated murder ! Peta close your doors and go to prison ! You are supposed to help the animals not murder them !
    Why are you involved with a high kill facility !
    Why was this evil person allowed to commit these murders for so long with out being stoped ? This situation needs a full investigation !

  15. How many more shelter managers out there just like her …. and all those people who took their faithful loving pets there and said…here i dont want it anymore….. signed and left… i have three rescues from high kill shelters and id love to meet the people who signed for their deaths when they knowingly took them there. knowing theyre high kill shelters. Rescuers are exactly that. Angels, boots on ground saving lives.

  16. This was big news here in NV but unfortunately, Judge Susan Johnson went way too easy on her. Which I will remember next election! She only got 90 days for this, was given the opportunity to retire instead of being fired! This was Jan 2017.

    1. Agreed . Oh let’s reward her by allowing her to receive her hefty pension. Poor thing, after all we wouldn’t want her to live in a homeless shelter or die on the streets from malnutrition or wind up in a hospital where someone has to make the decision to pull her plug or not, would we? You certainly are correct about elections as well. I am going to register to vote again specifically to show my disdain toward Judge Johnson’s sentence. This made the years of the unnecessary murder of beautiful creatures seem like she stole a candy bar from a 711.

  17. I dont know wes how she was not accountable because the ketamine has to be monitored cause it’s a narc so I’m sure vets n lots of folks knew this

  18. What were shelter workers doing while this was going on?! I’m sure it doesn’t take 18 years to document something like this. ALDF or Humane Society of the US or other organizations would have looked into this.

  19. Not only the fact that this was going on for 18 yrs. and its just coming out, which should be investigated up the ying yang , but isn’t it just a wee bit teensy bit strange that the polite chief resigned the day she was caught, or arrested? This should be a national story and all these people should be investigated completely New findings could lead to new charges against this evil entity. and others that may have assisted that got away scott free. Unfortunately, there is either not enough interest (which I doubt, not important enough to the higher ups (which is most likely the case) you don’t have to be an ammal activist or an extreme case of an animal activist to be saddened and angered by this, all one needs is an ounce of compassion from this horror and unnecessary murder, and for 18 years someone was receiving something or turning their heads for some reason. Another reason there not making this as big as it should be is because someone was threatened because maybe more than we can speculate has gone on here. GEORGE KNAPP WHERE ARE YOU?

  20. Damn bitch, she will be in hell, God sees. Nothing makes me anginer than people being cruel to dogs and killing them like this evil bitch did. Poor babies, all of you did not deserve this. I am so sorry.

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