Rowan Co ACO on Paid Leave During State Investigation

The American Veterinary Medical Association states that cats should be microchipped “by a licensed veterinarian or under supervision of a licensed veterinarian” via subcutaneous injection in the area between the shoulder blades.  I don’t know whether the terrible Rowan Co pound in NC follows the recommendations of the AVMA regarding microchipping but since the procedure is pretty straightforward, any significant deviation being part of the protocol seems highly unlikely.  And yet, somehow a cat named Cooper had his jaw broken reportedly during the injection of a microchip at the Rowan Co pound on Tuesday. Cooper is being fostered by Debbie Orbison:

Orbison said Cooper was healthy when shelter staff brought the cat into a closed-to-the-public area of the shelter. Cooper was bleeding from the mouth after being microchipped, Orbison said.

“I can’t say what happened, but when he went back to get microchipped he was fine,” she said. “He came back with a fractured jaw.”

Cooper, as pictured on Facebook.

A state inspector is investigating the incident and Rowan Co has placed an ACO on paid leave during the investigation. The county has refused to name the ACO.

Cooper has already undergone one surgery on his jaw and will require additional surgeries.

While we wait for the state to conclude its investigation, it’s hard not to imagine what sort of obscene cruelty might have resulted in this cat’s jaw being fractured in two places.  It puts me in mind of former Memphis pound employee Frank Lightfoot who was observed by an undercover police officer stepping on a cat with both feet after he failed to kill the cat via injection.  And of the Chesterfield Co, SC pound workers who reportedly beat cats in the head with pipes “to knock them out.”

And I can’t help but wonder what type of an environment exists at the Rowan Co pound that someone capable of this cruelty would be employed.  What else has happened on this director’s watch?  I mean, besides mandatory cat killing, dragging an injured dog on a chokepole then throwing him in the gas chamber, and deeming most animals “unadoptable” as an excuse for killing them.  What else has gone on in that closed-to-the-public area of the shelter?

But of course of course OF COURSE we must remember that these folks wouldn’t work there if they didn’t love animals and it’s a hard job and if only the public would spay and neuter, shelter cats wouldn’t have to get their jaws broken during a routine injection under the skin.  Dang that irresponsible public!

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23 thoughts on “Rowan Co ACO on Paid Leave During State Investigation

  1. IF we had a volunteer program there would be eyes and ears. Evil thrives in darkness. IF we had a compassionate Director who did the job correctly, not Clai Martin, staff would be held accountable for nothing less than excellence in their performance. IF we had Commissioners and a County Manager who really cared, they’d wonder by now why so many complaints are crossing their desks every day and do something about it. IF we had animal advocates and rescues that weren’t afraid of repercussions against them, they could tell you facts they know of and have been afraid to reveal. So much has been hidden and swept under the proverbial rug because true animal lovers will sacrifice anything to help save these abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals. Staff needs to be rotated out at a minimum of every 3 years due to becoming desensitized and losing the feeling of caring anymore. BUT the most important change needed is a new Director who has compassion, leadership, is goal-oriented towards a volunteer program, adoption events, has an open mind to new suggestions/improvements and truly loves animals and wants to the best for them.

    1. Patty I completely agree except for one point: the subsequent mass euths at Rowan demonstrate how justifiable it is that the animal advocates and rescues are not so much afraid of repercussions against them as they are afraid of repercussions against the animals.

  2. Just saw a picture on Facebook of a Rowan County ACO dragging a small terrier on a chokepole across a parking lot.

  3. “Ferals” being killed upon intake in retaliation, some were not feral but owner surrendered, from the Saving Cooper Facebook page. At least nine killed today.

  4. It’s gotten to the point where people like this just make me sick….I just hope and pray that Karma comes after them 10 fold…

    1. Supposedly they have cameras; supposedly they work. Now let’s suppose that the Director, Clai Martin, actually reviews anything caught on video and deletes it. No proof of this, just supposition.

  5. How in the blue hell does a cat get a broken jaw during microchipping, unless someone slammed his head onto the table.
    These people are all closet sadists, and use animals to take out their sick desires.

  6. Today in retaliation of us spreading the word about Cooper’s abuse, Rowan County Animal Control killed almost every cat in the building. We need your support and help to get rid of these horrible people and get people that care about the animals.

  7. Please visit the Saving Cooper NC FB page. Get this evil creature they call the “director” out of there!!!

  8. Like all reporters that cover for the county, city to get in with the politicians and get their side. seen this in Los angeles, it’s bull shit. A TON OF ANIMAL ABUSE IS DONE HERE….TONS!


    County employee placed on leave after cat injured – Salisbury Post A Rowan County animal control officer has been placed on administrative leave following an incident where a cat’s jaw was broken.


  9. You got to be kidding. I hope they throw the book at these people. This is uncalled for to do this to this baby.

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