Newt News


Just a little update on Newt. She had her first vet visit last week. She is in the 6 – 9 months old range. She got medicine for her snuffles and for ear mites. The vet decided to give her a rabies vaccine (“So she’ll be a legal beagle.” – vetlolz) but is waiting until her cold clears up for the other vaccines. She tested negative for heartworm.

That’s about all the excuses for news I could come up with to justify posting her adorable picture on the blog.

I love her.

13 thoughts on “Newt News

  1. No excuse needed to post an adorable sleeping dog or cat. It is tiring being a puppy with all the playing and learning.


  2. Adorable little peanut! It’s easy to fall in love with such a little bug as this! I can see why you love her, and love the beagle breed. Bet she’s a little snuggler too.


  3. I have had really good luck using food grade diatomaceous earth for ear mites on cats. As it is a desiccant I don’t put it down in the ear canal but all around it inside and outside around the ear to get them coming and going.



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