Sadistic Ex-Director in Boulder City Now Comes with Extra Creepy

(Warning: This is disturbing material.)

Somehow, SOMEHOW, the animal cruelty case against Mary Jo Frazier, the former head of Boulder City AC in Nevada from 1996 – 2015, is even grosser than previously reported.

An ACO whistleblower had informed Frazier’s boss, former Police Chief Bill Conger, of wrongdoing at the pound a full year before any action was taken:

[ACO Ann] Inabnitt testified that Conger told her, “Well kid these things take time to investigate.”
“He just kind of patted me on the head and said he’d look into it,” she told the grand jury. “And I had to believe him at that point that he was looking into some of the things I was telling him.”

He wasn’t. Apparently the allegations made by the ACO didn’t interest Conger. Among them was Frazier’s killing of her own pet, Oscar.

ACO Inabnitt testified to the grand jury that Oscar, a dachshund who had been owned by Frazier and her now ex-husband, had been taken by Frazier and was reportedly peeing on Frazier’s carpet. ACO Inabnitt suggested to Frazier that she give the dog back to “his dad” since he was most likely missing his person and the inappropriate peeing behavior was a result:

But Frazier cursed at the mention of her ex and brought Oscar to a bank of cages at the back of the shelter. She stuffed him inside a cage and went to the safe where she kept the shelter’s drugs, Inabnitt testified. Then Frazier killed him in a manner against protocol, Inabnitt testified. Inabnitt said she wanted to hold Oscar as he died to comfort him, but Frazier would not allow it.
Frazier stuck him with the drug in his hind leg and went out for a smoke. Inabnitt stared in shock as the dog screamed, banging its head against his cage.

Frazier came back and stuck a syringe directly into unconscious Oscar’s heart, Inabnitt testified. Frazier let the syringe sit there, moving with the dying dog’s fading heartbeat.

Holy Monkey Fighting Snakes.  I do not even want to guess at what “manner against protocol” refers to.

Inabnitt told the grand jury that Frazier ordered that there be no paperwork on Oscar’s killing.  When asked about the drug log, Frazier reportedly said she’d simply falsify it.
Which leads to the next horrible thing:

Boulder City police officers told a grand jury the city’s former police chief, who quit amid the shelter scandal, didn’t want the case against his former employee made public.
Former Police Chief Bill Conger ordered Detective David Olson not to investigate why the city’s shelter was missing cash and missing narcotics, Olson testified.
Conger ordered that evidence taken out of the investigation paperwork, he said.

That’s some Grade A enabling there.

If Frazier was stealing cash from the shelter, that makes her a thief.  But if she was responsible for the missing narcotics, who the eff knows what might have been going on?  Was she torturing and killing other animals the way she did Oscar and trying to cover her tracks?  How many?  I can only imagine everyone in Boulder City who ever lost a pet during Frazier’s reign is now tormented by nightmares.

Mona Angelone is one of many local residents who blame Frazier for the needless killings of their pets. Ms. Angelone says that in 2013, Frazier chased her dog through the desert and shot at him more than a dozen times before finally killing him. She says her other dog was strung up in a chokepole by Frazier, hanged over her back fence until he was dead, then dragged across her driveway in front of her and her daughter.

Some owners are considering civil litigation against Frazier.

Now for your Moment of Reassurance:

The Boulder City community has taken steps to make sure this level of abuse by animal control never happens again.
“The shelter was closed for a few days, so the animal control officers could go on to training regarding animal cruelty,” said Jean Slader, who served as head of animal control prior to Frazier.

Gosh, if only someone had thought of this sooner.  But you know kid, these things take time.  It’s not like anyone who works at a shelter WANTS to kill animals.

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21 thoughts on “Sadistic Ex-Director in Boulder City Now Comes with Extra Creepy

  1. just saw  this  too Boulder City residents hold ceremony for dead pets |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Boulder City residents hold ceremony for dead petsBoulder City community members gathered to remember the lives of pets they claim were killed intentionally by Mary Jo Frazier.  | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

  2. With the charges of covering up shortages of cash and drugs, ex-chief Conger should be charged as an accessory after the fact.

  3. “…The Boulder City community has taken steps to make sure this level of abuse by animal control never happens again.”

    I wonder just what level of abuse they are planning to tolerate. I don’t even want to think about what the maximum acceptable level of abuse might be.

  4. This makes me want to puke. And if a private citizen had done anything remotely approaching this level of cruelty, that person would be locked up. Frazier did it over and over and over, and was paid to do it, and received police protection while doing it. WTF

  5. Regarding the cover-up of missing narcotics and $$$, actually it’s a little more than “some Grade A enabling,” it amounts to a conspiracy for which, I’m convinced, that Conger can be charged. I hope the prosecutors are investigating the final disposition of the missing drugs and $$$.

  6. There’s no bottom to this case, is there? It’s like the Augean Stables, and from the responses from the city, they’re still trying to act like no, it just smells a bit in summer.

  7. Oh, but training! Where have we heard that before? HMMMM, memphis animal slaughterhouse tried that, too. I simply cannot imagine the citizens of Bolder will watch this happen and not do something! Drugs, money, killing animals, probably treating them inhumanely while alive . . . then go out for a smoke. SOP

    1. My thoughts too, db.

      We’ve seen how well “retraining” has worked at MAS. Abuse, neglect, and “oops” killings will continue as long as you have people without empathy or compassion working there.

      You can’t “retrain” compassion. It’s either there or it isn’t.

  8. I assume the narcotic referred to is the Fatal Plus. That should be a felony. It came up missing an animal control facility in my area and the manager and head ACO lost their jobs and their retirements.

    1. Fatal-Plus uses pentobarbital, which is a barbituate. Not sure if they’d be referring to it; on the one hand it’s not a narcotic, on the other the legal use of the term in the US is so loose, it pretty much means anything the police & courts want it to.

      I was thinking it possibly meant ketamine or similar sedatives commonly used in the two-shot method of euthanasia. While I very much doubt this hellhole and its perverted monster of a director would’ve bothered to ever use this method – which is so far as I know still considered best practice for true euthanasia – the drugs could’ve been budgeted for & acquired by a ‘shelter’ without being red-flagged.

  9. I’m never going to overlook your warnings again while I’m at work. I did throw up when I read what she did to Oscar. That’s sadisitic fuckery on a whole new level. That was her dog. That was a dog she had in her home and who loved her. Believe me, I’m not excusing the bastards who do things like this to animals they don’t have a connection to. But crossing that line is a whole different level of barbarism. She needs to be locked up for life, there is no way in hell the rest of humanity is safe with this monster on the streets.

    How in the hell can anyone in the city claim this is remotely okay?

  10. Ah, training, because no one could possibly come to the conclusion that sadistically torturing and killing sentient beings is wrong on their own.
    This is more than creepy, it’s disgusting. And please tell me this woman doesn’t have kids, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

  11. Absolutely revolting!!!!! The whole rotten bunch of them should have been brought to their knees, not just the lead psycho killer, Mary Jo Frankenstein.. Praying they all get punished and have to crawl around in the gutters of evil like rats, where they belong Prison.

  12. ex-chief Conger should be charged as an accessory after the fact. needs to be charge for obstructing justice OR dereliction of duty…what gross pig!

  13. The trial for Mary Jo Frazier has been postponed until March 6, 2017. Possible negotiations for a plea deal are the reason for the delay. She is on bail and living in Oregon. .

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