Texas ACO Drags Suffering Dog Across Gravel

alice tx aco
Photo posted on social media

On April 30, pet owner Tara Garcia found a dog in her driveway in Alice, Texas.  The mixed breed dog had been shot three times but was very friendly as Ms. Garcia and her stepfather petted and offered water to the dog.  Ms. Garcia called 911 and waited on an ACO to come help the pet.  Instead, an Alice ACO arrived, strung the bleeding dog up in a chokepole and dragged him through dirt and gravel to her truck.  Ms. Garcia offered to carry the dog to the truck but the ACO refused.

KIII reports that the dog “had to be euthanized because of [his] injuries” although they don’t specify whether they mean the gunshots or injuries which would likely result from dragging a severely wounded dog by the neck.

Ms. Garcia was disturbed by how the dog was mistreated by the ACO and snapped a photo.  Some days later, AC is knocking at her door, warning her that she needs to take better care of her pets if she wants to keep them.  You stay classy, Alice AC.

After Ms. Garcia posted the photos of the injured dog on social media, outraged citizens began calling the city to demand action.  The city manager told KIII the city is investigating itself in the matter, procedures may need to be reviewed, blah.

I think this is one of those times when we all need a reminder that the only reason people work at a shelter is because they love animals, we all want the same thing, you can’t criticize unless you are willing to do their jobs for them, if only the irresponsible public would spay and neuter and all like that.

(Thanks Susan.)

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  1. People work in Shelters because they love animals…

    I’ve learned that some of those people working in Shelters is because they cannot get jobs working around other people esp children

    It’s a place that usually do not check out their backround and its nothing more than a paycheck

    1. Agree with you totally. I have been in animal rescue for 26 years and most of the ACO’s I’ve known are only there because they failed other government jobs. Many of them are “would be cops” but could not make it into the academy or failed miserably. This myth that people who work at shelters love animals is total bullshit. Of course, there are a few here and there , that do . . . some in management positions. But do not for one minute think that the animal control officers all love animals or know anything about them. Most of them have no training or knowledge about animals, either medically or socially. They are trained to use catch poles, nets and sedative guns. They are trained to ticket people not in compliance with city ordinances. They are trained to handle wildlife problems. They are trained to make sure dogs have their licenses and ticket those who don’t. ACO positions usually pay very well and have government security and benefits. So, of course many apply for these jobs. In Seattle and a few other more progressive cities, they are being trained on animal welfare, behavior, health, etc. . . but this is the exception rather than the norm.

  2. At least this poor dog is at peace now. The people who condone such things as shooting dogs and then dragging them wounded and suffering . . . not so much.

  3. Wonder how they “euthanized” the dog – a fourth gunshot?

    And then to threaten the finder’s pets – wow. Nice. Clearly a culture of abuse happening at that place.


    1. Glad I don’t live there.. All of you need to band together and let them know your not gonna be threatened.. and intimidated.. we are these poor animals voice.. I would be so bullshit if this happened to me..

    1. I did. I was not rude but did ask for action to be taken against her. Thank you for providing the contact information.

    2. I would say this “lady” needs to charged with animal abuse and fired from her job. If the people that are supposed to treat kind act like this what chance do they have. I find find this whole thing to be deplorable and inhumane. That was my decent self. This is my not so decent self,Fire the fat assed rude bitch.


  5. Please think of the poor animals!! Don’t allow someone like this to treat them just as poorly as those who should be put away!! Our poor animals deserve better!!!!

  6. Some people work in shelters because they love animals. Some people work in shelters because they need a job and don’t like animals. It sickens me to think tax payor dollars pays the ACO salary. I hope this person is fired for inhumane treatment to a dog.

    1. The article here has been updated -http://www.alicetx.com/article/20160518/NEWS/160519390

  7. When This so called animal helper is prosecuted then let everyone know, this is the kind of news we want to hear. This treatment of this poor baby being dragged I’ve never heard of this, the dog was also already very injured. This so called animal helper is to blamed for more injuries and death, she is not even looking back, look at the poor dog, has already given up. Shameful!

  8. Clearly this person should be not only fired but charged with animal abuse. No question!!! I can’t help but wonder why Mrs Garcia herself did not stop this either. We cannot stand by and watch and just take pictures. Life at times calls for immediate action. This was one of those times. All of you who feel outrage at seeing this picture, keep that. Use that. When you witness this type of violence, think about what you will tolerate and what you will not. So that in that split moment, hopefully you will know. You will act. You will help to make more civilized this sometimes brutal world we live in.

    1. Not everyone is capable of standing up to an authority figure. And the finder called animal control because she thought they would help – she had no idea that animal control is the last place to call to help an animal in most instances. WE know, because we’ve seen crap like this before. But most people aren’t aware.

      So she was shocked. She tried to offer to help and was rebuffed. She didn’t know what to do other than take a photo – and I’m very glad she did because otherwise, this monster would be at the shelter around animals today. You know they never would have done a damn thing about this dog’s abuse if there wasn’t a photo that went viral.

      So in the moment, she may not have done everything right, but she did a right thing and it made a big difference – not for that little dog, but for the next one to come.

  9. Let me see, it was not ok to drag the injured victim, but evidently it was ok for some vicious, evil person to shoot the dog? Did I miss something somewhere?

    1. I don’t think anyone knew who shot the dog and no one is advocating that that was a good thing!! But the animal control officer was supposed to HELP the dog, not inflict further harm! Her JOB was to pick up that dog tenderly and carefully and rush it to a vet. No animal control officer is supposed to inflict abuse. She was abusing the dog!!! And she is supposed to do the exact opposite. . .she is supposed to help the animal .That is what she is paid to do. And furthermore, two wrongs don’t make a right! Animal control officers are also supposed to work with the police to find the criminals that shot this dog. Looks like this disgusting human being posing as an ACO probably could have cared less!

      1. And you KNOW she most probably just lifted that dog off the ground and into the truck by the choke pole! And then out again – I shudder to think how much more tossing and dragging that dog endured before they finally killed him out of “mercy”.

      2. I’m not disagreeing with the sentiments expressed here. You failed to see my point, considering this story made the local news.

  10. Firing her isn’t good enough. Drag her a couple of miles across gravel, by the neck, after she has been felled by bullets. Yes, Doris, you missed something. Get a heart and a brain.

  11. I read about this thru another site sent to me by an animal advocate. Yes, people were calling the city officials and a petition was started to get that person fired. However, I don’t think we should stop there. City officials must know and be held accountable for these dastardly deeds. We must demand changes be made to help protect our animals.

    And don’t let us forget that this dog was shot 3 times!! Who did this????

  12. Look at that lazy wench! It’s only a hard job to her because she resents having to work in the first place. She probably can’t wait to get home and sit on her lazy ass. Here’s your wake-up call, Doris. Get up off your butt and start giving a shit! No one wants to look at your callous indifference!

  13. Susan, I have VOLUNTEERED in shelters for years, this woman ROSE MARY HAWKINS works for a city, she makes a salary, and do not tell people not to criticize unless we put ourselves in their shoes, even on one of my worst days I could/would never treat ANY animals in this fashion, it doesn’t matter is she was too overweight to pick up the animal or if she was just being a witch she should be fired! This is NOT how animal control officers should act in any manner. Considering this animal was alive and wounded, she should have had the sense to muzzle and pick it up, why cause more pain, maybe because she has no heart, maybe deep inside she hates dogs, maybe she is just a worthless human being, it doesn’t matter she needs to be fired and charged with cruelty. PERIOD!

  14. “I think this is one of those times when we all need a reminder that the only reason people work at a shelter is because they love animals, we all want the same thing, you can’t criticize unless you are willing to do their jobs for them, if only the irresponsible public would spay and neuter and all like that.”

    Really classy up to this point. I would sure as hell try to do that job better than that. Are you insane? That ACO could not care less. I am ecstatic the heartless “woman” was fired from her “hard job.” I would like to dance on her damn grave. And for the department to send someone out to threaten the woman who took the photo? That whole nest of snakes needs to be examined. Shame on you for taking up for that sorry excuse for a human being. You think she loves animals? SNORT. I am so disgusted by your final paragraph I’m going to have a hard time for the next hour or so. You think this dog was abused (shot) and further abused solely because someone didn’t neuter their pets? Fine way to shift blame. The more I read, the more I think Texas needs to be nuked from orbit.

    1. You must not be a regular reader of this blog. Sarcasm is used frequently and this is sarcasm.

    2. Yeah, I think Susan vastly underestimated the amount of sarcasm in that last paragraph. Stick around, Susan, you’ll see how often these paid abusers blame “the irresponsible public” for their abuses.

  15. If only the irresponsible public would spay and neuter? Ok, so…that was the objective of the 3 bullets then? Yeah, that’s a ludicrous statement, meant to mock all those responsible for the ludicrous nature of this poor dog’s needless suffering and death.

  16. Some people work at shelters because they enjoy abusing animals! DUH! Just like a child molester positions himself near kids by driving a school bus, being a teacher, coach, camp counselor, etc!

  17. Management had to authorize the staff to go and harass the woman that reported the incident. Petition to fire the Managers is a must! We should go strike at the shelter and get the news media involved.

  18. The initial response from the shelter was beyond pathetic, as well. The serial killer, Dennis Rader, used to go back to people’s homes and try and take their dogs in retaliation to complaints against him, too. What an incredible abuse of power.

  19. Please tell me this piece of human garbage was charged with animal cruelty!?! I’m disgusted by this pathetic, souless POS!!!! hope you rot in jail.

  20. This is disgusting and I’m glad she was fired! I would love to have her job! I’m looking for work and can move if needed!

  21. Makes me want to puke!!! And this is WHY people just let their animals go into the streets because they have a better chance at survival. She has NO COMPASSION. …and should be relived of her duties. YES!! The job can become overwhelming. .that is why EVERY YEAR or 18 months different person should be in charge … Rip buddy … So sorry she had NO compassion for you. ..

  22. And may I ask just what the heck “spay and neuter and all that” has to do with this horrible story on ANY level? Leave off with the pet political buzz phrases and try focusing on what happened here.

    A: keep your pets safe at home. B: don’t shoot a friendly little dog out running loose. C: hire people for ACO jobs who aren’t sadists. This isn’t rocket science. Yes, dogs escape their yards. It happens.But this right here…this is a terrible illustration of what our society has become on any number of levels.


  23. That was sarcasm. It wasn’t marked as such because regular readers of this blog are used to it.

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