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  1. I have been searching for ways to attract more foster families to help save kittens at our shelter. Does anyone have creative ideas that have worked? Thank you!

    1. I don’t have the experience to say what has worked for my local shelter bc my local shelter kills animals. But I may still have something useful to offer. Two important things that, if made clear up front, would entice me to foster:
      1. Make clear that the medical expenses for the pet will be covered by the shelter (e.g. any medications the pet needs, if there is a veterinary emergency, etc.).
      2. Make clear that the pet will not be killed when returned to the shelter.

      1. Thank you! Our shelter has more kittens in foster care than ever before, but we need more foster homes.

  2. I’ve been cooking for the dogs all morning. I made banana pancakes then used those to make French toast. Gee, when I type it out, it doesn’t seem like something that takes all morning…

    1. TY for sharing this Clarice. I did not realize a tick could bite and cause paralysis so quickly and then have the paralysis reversed upon removal. The article says it’s rare but it’s definitely good info to know.

  3. A minor update to Zeus, the dog I posted about in last week’s open post. The commonwealth/county attorney is also involved, and was involved before the media got involved. So this will be an intestine case to follow just from that stand point. In the sickenly high number of cases like this I have followed (in that, that’s how many times things like this have happened) I have never seen the DA get involved.

    Of course, Fox in ignoring him as well. His involvement was a letter demanding Fox keep Zeus until his ideifitcation has been settled and to present him for inspection. She has yet to bring him to anyone for identification and is now claiming to have sold him.

    The owner has also set up a FB page for Zeus if anyone wants to follow it:


  4. North Carolina is working on an exotic animal ban. I realize this blog focuses on cats and dogs, but I have often found a correlation between how a state’s laws handle exotics and how a state’s laws can affect your average pet owner. It is often a very slippery slope.

    Text of the bill: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Sessions/2015/Bills/House/HTML/H554v3.html

    Article on the potential effects of the bill, and the folks behind the bill: https://pethelpful.com/exotic-pets/North-Carolina-Exotic-Animal-Ban

  5. Pepper got lost on Feb 4. On Feb 6th, he was taken into a “rescue”. Within 48 hours that rescue sold Pepper without ever looking for an owner and is refusing to do anything to figure out who they sold him to. Yes, they are claiming not to know.

    The owners are about to take them into court and subpoena T Mobile directly for the records.



    1. Another gem: Look at the post made on May 4th. A woman who adopted from this outfit in the past liked a post this page made about Pepper. Nothing more. The director didn’t like that and has demanded the woman return the dog! She (director) apparently also tried to or threatened to trespass and steal the dog.

      This is why there really needs to be regulations on rescues. There are far too many scam artists and nut cases using the term to get away with theft and intimidation.


      1. The name Donna Halpern rings alarm bells – was she involved in possibly fraudulent fund-raising & flipping pets a few years back?

      2. Nothing I could find in a quick Google search. Although ironically, one of the first links for her was a you caring about a dog she saved from a “dog flipper”.

        I am seeing a fair amount of claims that she hoards dogs. She has been kicked out of all Pet Supermarkets and has been kicked out of several non animal related business for attempting to fundraise in them.

        I did get her story mixed up last night. She is claiming a “Spanish speaking couple” convinced her over the phone Pepper was their dog. They also allegedly had pictures. But she lost all of their contact information of course. So she has no way of contacting them. She is also refusing to go to her phone company for records.

        Personally, I think she ether flipped Pepper or is hiding him in her house. The owner and a few other people have looked non stop for other lost dog ads/posters for dogs that look even slightly like Pepper and have yet to come up with the “Spanish speaking couple”.

      3. Yeah, I can’t track down whatever is ringing the bell. I may well be confusing the name with another.

  6. I don’t know how many will be interested, but I just ran across a video of a lecture by Dr Pedersen of UC Davis on FIP:

    Warning: unsurprisingly for a lecture in vet school, it’s very technical & contains a few slides that are distressing. It’s also long, and from 2010, so it’s slightly out-of-date, although not by that much; main thing, there’s now a possible treatment in clinical trial. But it’s also a chance to hear from a foremost expert in the disease, one that’s of especial concern to shelters & catteries.

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