Treats on the Internets

The city of Norfolk impounded a dog from his new owner after the dog killed a cat last month. The rescue that had arranged the adoption immediately called the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center to claim ownership of the dog but the city quickly killed him anyway. The city claimed they had researched the dog’s background and found he’d been adopted via out of state groups multiple times but those adoptions didn’t work out. Also a rabies certificate had the dog’s age wrong. So kill. (Thanks Leigh for the link.)


After the troubled Fitchburg Animal Control in MA was shut down in 2014, the fired managers opened up a dog training business.  Both were charged with felony animal cruelty this month in connection with a client’s dog they allegedly left muzzled for several days, causing injury.  (Thanks Anne.)


Someone tied a starving dog to a post at the pound in Lubbock, TX. Problem One: The pound has been closed for years since the city built a new facility in a different location. Problem Two: Anyone bringing a pet there after-hours would have no way of knowing the place was abandoned since the signs are still up and there are no signs advising visitors of the new location. Fortunately, a member of the irresponsible public helped the dog and she is now in rescue. In response to social media postings about the incident, the city finally removed the signs at the vacant shelter.


The GA vet who blamed a dog for burning to death inside a hyperbaric chamber at his clinic is now wanted by police in Cherokee Co for an apparently unrelated incident.  He is considered armed and dangerous.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Five PA high school football players have been cited for illegally killing wild animals after they posted photos of themselves on social media posing with baseball bats and bloodied animal corpses.  The animals they apparently sought out for the purpose of torturing them to death included frogs, pigeons and possums as well as a snake and a raccoon.  The recent graduates and star athletes got an assist from Coach Enabler:

Jim Roth, the head football coach at Southern Columbia, said, “Some kids that are good kids … made a bad decision.”

He added that “Some of these kids are not even aware of all the laws as far as small animals.”

Well gosh, I wonder what other laws these good kids might not be fully aware of – because we’ll want to give them a pass when they break those too, obviously.

8 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

      1. Seriously. There is no way these “good kids” just started picking up baseball bats to kill animals with. They clearly are monsters and likely have been for a long time. I don’t need the law to tell me it’s wrong to crush a raccoon’s skull.

        I’ll bet their fellow graduates are not the least bit surprised by this story.

    1. These scumbags must be watched very closely the rest of their lives – they WILL hurt, maim, or even kill again. Whether it’s more animals, or humans. ANYONE who starts a relationship with them is bound to get hurt, and god forbid any of them ever reproduce!

  1. From the Fitchburg article – “The owner of the dog brought the dog to his vet and they had to sedate him for three hours to put the muzzle on. Then they brought him to me.”

    Three hours? BULLSHIT. And even if the dog did have to be sedated, why was the muzzle still on days later?

    1. I was thinking about that too. I wonder if the defense is going to be: The dog was so bitey, the muzzle could only be placed/removed after a 3 hour sedation by a vet. Therefore, I could not remove it. (I’m not saying it’s a reasonable or good defense, just having a guess.)

      1. You can totally sedate an animal in MINUTES, not hours. Unless they had to feed the dog something with drugs in it?

        Either way, if you get a muzzled dog in for “training” and you’re not capable of removing the muzzle, how is this dog supposed to eat or drink? Sure you can drink with some basket muzzles, but eat? Not easily. The whole thing stinks of incompetence.

    2. If the dog was difficult to handle, why not have the owner muzzle before the vet visit? (Admit I didn’t read the entire article)

      As far as those kids torturing and killing animals . . . “good kids” don’t do that kind of thing. Those boys have no morals or conscience. Too bad, when the signs are there, the coach is making excuses for them. No doubt we’ll be reading about these boys in the future with the accompanying wailing and hand-wringing about how no one saw “XXX” coming.

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