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  1. vida

     /  June 25, 2016

    Great fund raising idea going on upstate new york. A dog film festival with a portion of the proceeds going to Lollypop Farm shelter. Two showings on July 17, believe you can bring your well behaved dog and there is a dog/star look alike contest going on.
    Thought it was a grand idea.

  2. Arlene

     /  June 25, 2016

    There is not anything more shameful than this! These dogs were an asset to the soldiers and this is the thanks they get. I feel like vomiting!

  3. Karen F

     /  June 27, 2016

    A new law in Ohio allows first responders to treat pets injured by house fires without fear of liability.

  4. Alice

     /  June 29, 2016

    People living three doors down from a woman “take in” her purebred cat and basically did nothing to “track down” his owner. Oh, it’s just random happenstance that they name him Joey too. They had no idea where he really lived.

    The police are refusing to get involved and lawyers have been hired by both sides.



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