Adoptable Fat-Headed Dogs in Memphis: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Memphis Animal Services got a new director this summer. Dogs labeled as pitbulls at the facility would not notice.

MAS continues its long tradition of discrimination against any dog labeled pitbull or pitbull mix by staff – regardless of how inaccurate the labels might be.  And it’s not because of any terrible law on the books – it’s a choice made by the pound, because they can.  These dogs are largely kept behind locked doors in “stray”, away from the areas where the public is allowed to look for a new pet.  Even if an adopter knew MAS had more dogs in the “stray” cages and was able to get an employee to unlock the doors and escort them through the area, they wouldn’t be allowed to take home a pet they fell in love with because MAS discriminates against pitbulls.  Adopters are required to submit to background checks and to a fence inspection by MAS staff (if they get around to it before the dog is killed) before being allowed to save a dog labeled pitbull.

And if all of this doesn’t convince you of breed discrimination by MAS, take a look at the 17 dogs on the “disposition list” for Friday.  These dogs all appear to be young and healthy, most of them have been tested for heartworm and come up negative, and all of them were labeled pitbull or pitbull mix by MAS staff before being locked away in the stray area.  Yesterday afternoon, rescuers received emails from MAS notifying them that all these dogs have until 4:45pm Friday.

There are a number of 3 – 6 month old puppies in the bunch and many beautiful adult dogs as well.  All photos were posted by Memphis Pets Alive on social media:

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(Thanks Jenn.)

14 thoughts on “Adoptable Fat-Headed Dogs in Memphis: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

  1. Director Pugh claims that the disposition list is not a kill list.

    Wonder how many of these dogs will be alive on Saturday morning.

    But hey, it’s all okay – there’s a three year plan! We’re going to start saving animals in three years! I’m sure that these dogs will take great comfort in that fact as they’re being led to the kill room…

  2. ALEXIS AMOROSE PUGH-SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!! Did you sell out or were you always always uncaring and I just didn’t see it?
    May God allow the innocent animals murdered under your regime to visit you and your family in their dreams.

  3. Does Memphis shelter use Heartsick to euthanize animals? Who monitors the techs while they are euthanizing them

    1. Well, there was no supervision back in the day when employees were hanging animals and stomping them to death… it took an undercover police officer to put an end to that.

      But the employees who worked there and saw that horrific abuse and did nothing about it are still there.

      So… yeah. Not a lot of reassurance.

  4. And the Target Zero train is about to roll into Memphis, having declared victory in both Waco and Huntsville and while still failing to tell the whole story of the community where many of us have advocated for change for many, many years. Shame on them.

    Look for capacity to be reduced, look for a lot of talk about respect and radical collaboration (which is not, in truth, a 2 way street), look for the focus to be on spay/neuter and large adoption events to the exclusion of other programs to reduce intake and increase output, look for dogs to continue to be destroyed for behavior when there is really just a de facto pit bull ban and look for political cover for this process to take years and years. And if it doesn’t work out in the end, look for them to just kind of slink away and focus on some other place like they did in Baton Rouge.

  5. God Help Us All! Alexis and her Technicolor Killing Macine are alive and pissed! Help us spread the word!

    1. The public was given the impression, by the new mayor’s administration, that things would change for the better. Alexis better get used to being po’d because we continue to watch and monitor and shed the light of truth on that cesspool.

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