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A photo of adorable puppies at the Jackson Co shelter in NC accompanies an article based upon the flawed premise that shelters up north are no kill and that there are strict spay-neuter laws in northern states.  The county recently purchased a cargo van for $23,000 in order to regularly ship dogs up north.

To be clear, there is no state in this country that has publicly available statistics to back up any claim that healthy/treatable animals are not killed in its shelters.  Further, there is no state that has mandatory spay-neuter for all dogs and cats.  AFAIK, shelter animals are killed in all 50 states and driving them hundreds of miles causes displacement killing and perpetuates myths about shelter animals, in addition to a host of other serious issues.  (Thanks Lisa for the link.)


A terrible op-ed defending the Miami-Dade pound appeared in the Miami Herald last week.  Perhaps the worst bit:

Nearly 100 animals a day come into MDAS. This strains the ability of our community to care for adoptable, salvageable animals by having to keep the community’s old, infirm and injured pets alive, or networking them and using resources that might best be utilized elsewhere.

Gee, so sorry your shelter is expected to keep imperfect (in your eyes) pets alive which compromises (in your opinion) the shelter’s ability to keep “salvageable” (as in, junkyard?) pets alive.  How awful that resources are spent on the elderly and infirm when it would obviously be better to use them for the young and beautiful.  Yeah, that’s what sheltering is all about.


Dallas seems to be facing up to the fact that “catch and kill” isn’t going to solve its loose dog problem because it does nothing to address poverty – the root cause of the issue.  (Thanks Karen.)


A dozen shelter dogs in Santa Barbara Co got to go running with members of a local high school cross country team.  What an excellent idea!  (Thanks Claire.)


The smallest wild cat, the Arabian Sand Cat, was spotted for the first time in 10 years via baited camera traps set up by scientists in Abu Dhabi.  (Thanks Steven.)


Capybaras are friends with everybody.  (Thanks Billy.)

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