Labor Day Newt

Beach towels are on clearance at Walmart.  They make excellent crate beds for busy little beagles who have shredded all the nice dogs beds in the house:

090416 beachtowel

Busy little beagles need lots of quality sleep so they can start being very active and very vocal at 4 am every day, including weekends and holidays:

090416 newtyawn
*demon eyes*

I mean IF anyone knows any beagles like that.

11 thoughts on “Labor Day Newt

  1. My last puppy will soon be seven. I don’t miss the chewing and eating anything and everything, but I miss the playing with toys. Enjoy the puppy days. They pass too quickly.

      1. I don’t know if the baying would fit in with the barking, howling, and yipping we already have. Then there is one of the cats that yowls.

  2. I’m partial to wicker pet beds, that I find at thrift stores. Last year I took in a five months old puppy, whom I lovingly nick named Little Terrorist. Guess what her favorite chewing material is?

  3. What a pretty crate! Wonder how many times a day the other dogs tell her that she’s the reason they can’t have nice things…

  4. But a beagle-y’s got to do what a beagle-y’s got to do. I think the pink crate is quite pretty. No dog talking here, but my 17 year old cat, who’s a chatty old lady, is going deaf so her voice is increasing in volume. And she always has a lot to say!

  5. One of mine has been claiming, by barking his fool head off for weeks now, that there are evil deer in the front yard – every damn morning – as soon as it gets even the slightest bit light enough to see them. He lies like a damn rug, as I look out – every day – and he was right the first two days, but a big, fat, lying liar who lies all the other days, and I’m getting fed up with his lies. I’ve been calling him Drumpf for a couple weeks, as in, “Drumpf, SHUT UP and go LAY DOWN!!!, but he just won’t listen. Since he’s been cutting off the last half hour to forty-five minutes of my sleep for almost a month now, it is starting to make me a bit irritable…

  6. Ah, I remember the sweet serenade of early morning beagle. Don’t think the neighbors were as fond as I was.
    As to chewing, she wasn’t too bad. Her exploits were many though and usually epic. She was my first dog and honestly I still miss her. Beagle/lab mix, what my folks were thinking I have no idea, lol.

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