13 thoughts on “Open Thread

    1. Dear God, I cannot find the words to describe how horrific this is. And because a human wasn’t killed, meh! Well, anyone who could do such a thing is quite capable of doing most anything, in my opinion. Shame on the police.


  1. Judge denies all of PETA’s motions in the lawsuit against them by Maya’s owner. It is going to trial.

    PETA’s arguments are absolutely disgusting. They propose it isn’t outlandish to steal someone’s dog and kill it. They also try to question the owner’s legal status.



    1. “Pugh hired a certified professional trainer to be shelter supervisor. While her job is not training or assessing dogs, she is qualified to do that. ”

      Is this the same person who wanted a dog to be killed because he looked at a baby funny?

      MAS is still killing highly adoptable pets (kittens and puppies) while cages sit empty. I’m so glad Pugh has “plans” to improve things over the next three years, but what about the animals being killed right now?


      1. And is it just me or does it sound like they’re dumping MORE on local rescues rather than working harder on their end to stop the killing?


      2. I had exactly the same question. I know that the trainer has a reputation (from comments in the newspaper articles) of killing without regret.



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