Treats on the Internets

While there is some question as to whether dogs in general like to be dressed up, it is certain that at least one dog in WA does not like being dressed up, getting lost and being picked up the police.  (Thanks Lisa.)

A disabled veteran in TX found a job where he could bring his service dog.

Scientists look to the dog nose when improving mechanical bomb detectors.

Fake news story about 42 US states agreeing to BSL duped some people last week.  (It’s #4 on this list if you want to scroll down.)

Note:  Sorry I don’t have more for you today.  I’m sick, been sick, seemingly recovered then got sick again – basically sick of being sick at this point.  I feel like a walking petri dish.  Anyway I’m very behind on emails and hoping to get caught up one of these days.  Don’t breathe.

7 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Organic chamomile (with flowers – cheap to buy by the bag) organic honey (without processing make for healing properties) and lemon (what the heck organic too) That’s what has been keeping our humans going lately….

  2. So sorry you’re sick! Hoping you’ll turn the corner soon, and in the meantime lots of rest, hot soup, and other healing things.

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