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  1. January 15, 2017 the sheriff’s office formally relinquishes control of Lake County Animal Services to the Board of County Commissioners.
    It also marks the day LCAS gets its first Animal Services Director in 979 days.

    Guarded optimism and anticipation as we move forward.
    Hoping this six year ordeal is nearing a happy ending for our shelter animals.

    Thank you Aubrie Kavanaugh and Mike Fry for your invaluable insight and assistance leading up to this change in culture.

    Shelter Reform for Lake County Florida


    1. Prayers that this is the beginning of wonderful things for your animals and those who care about them. NICE WORK!

  2. WREG News: Kitten shrink-wrapped to package and shipped more than 500 miles, from Chicago to Memphis, TN


    Third video is interview with veterinarian who thinks it was an accident, wants to see UPS warehouse in Chicago make sure any cats on site are spayed and neutered.

    I think Memphis UPS freight driver, who’s been a client at that vet’s clinic for about 25 years, knew not to take the kitten to Memphis Animal Services.

    Inside Edition reports kitten has been adopted,

  3. Shelter fails a dog first by adopting him out to a felon who uses dogs to hunt hogs. Then again by putting him in an office where a child was playing, knowing full well he had aggression issues thanks to their first failure. Surprise, he bit the child and was killed for it.

    Response after being caught? Stack kitty condos in front of the office window. Now there will be no evidence of what goes on in there.


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